IObit Uninstaller 8 download to remove uninstallable programs

IObit Uninstaller - remove programs, updates and uninstallable objects

If you want to easily get rid of unwanted software, Windows updates, cache and programs that cannot be uninstalled using standard methods, you can use IObit Uninstaller 8 with an updated set of functions. You can find an overview of the software in this publication and at the end there is a video.

Unique features of Uninstaller 8 Pro

An uninstaller is not an uninstaller!

We have tried quite a few similar solutions. Almost all cope with their duties, but the difference in speed and quality of cleaning “traces” is sometimes very huge.

For example, one of our competitor programs seems to uninstall, but it takes a long time, motivated by the thorough search for residual files, folders and registry entries. But in the end, after a while I find directories that shouldn’t be there.

When we were offered to try IObit Uninstaller 8 with advanced features, I did not expect to like this software. Often, I test it for a couple of days and then “tear it all to hell”. But here I found a couple of unique features that I can’t refuse.

IObit Uninstaller

An overview of the “uninstaller”

The interface is in Russian, light and dark design themes are available, the arrangement of controls is intuitively simple.

IObit Uninstaller interface

The main window contains a list of custom applications. You can filter by installation date, size, select several objects for mass uninstallation. There is nothing special here that distinguishes Jobit Uninstaller from its competitive counterparts. But that’s only at first glance!

As soon as the selected software is uninstalled, the search for traces starts, which is done quickly, and after cleaning, no trash is left behind. This feature makes Uninstaller 8 stand out among other utilities of this kind. The developers were able to achieve this effect by using an improved algorithm.

There are also tabs on the left with a list of large, rarely used and new programs.

  • In version 8, a unique feature has been added – “Software packages”, which allows you to search for related applications. I haven’t seen anything like this before. That is, if one utility additionally installs something else (plugins, add-ons, auxiliary components), you will see everything in the list, and you can get rid of it in one fell swoop.
Software packages tab in Uninstaller 8

Case in point: I recently installed Photoshop CC2018 and got a bunch of add-ons along with it. If I used the standard uninstall method, I would have to get rid of the listed items one by one. And that’s assuming that I know what’s associated with what. And if I don’t have the information, it’s realistic to miss some object. It will stay on its own, not performing any duties, but taking up disk space. IObit Uninstaller 8 easily helps to solve such problems.

IObit Uninstaller

  • Another new feature is. “Easy Uninstall.”. It can be triggered by Ctrl + Alt + U or through options:
Easy removal in IObit Uninstaller

After that, a “target” icon appears on the desktop. Now you can drag and drop any shortcuts of installed programs on it to quickly start the uninstall process. I will show it all visually in the video.

  • It is definitely worth telling about the “Update Module”. The tool allows you to scan the installed software on your computer and monitor the release of new versions. The database contains thousands of popular utilities, and as soon as a new update is available, you will definitely find out about it. For Pro users the option of mass updates is available:
Updating applications in IObit Uninstaller

If you are interested, you will find the download link below the clip. If you’re not sure, check out the full review where we show not only the features listed above, but many other no less cool “pluses”.

If you like this deletion program, then I advise you to watch the detailed review:

IObit Uninstaller


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