IPTV 2022 self-updating playlists: free working links and how to download

The self-updating playlist downloads for IPTV 2022 are convenient because they save the user the trouble of not working broadcasts. Just download the playlist and enjoy watching your favorite channels. Everything else is taken care of by the list makers, checking them for working addresses, picture quality.

The best self-updating IPTV playlists of 2022

In order not to search through the network selections of TV channels with your favorite broadcasts, they can be downloaded in ready-made form. There are many links available and they are periodically added. The minimum set contains several addresses – general list, children’s, 18+ or full HD.


IPTV Forever

IPTV Forever refers to a self-updating playlist. This is an absolute plus of the service. The format is standard, m3u. The developer, which is scrupulous enough to the question of selecting channels, in the shortest possible time sorting, removing non-working. The user is left to download the playlist and enjoy watching.


For convenience, the author has divided the sheets into 3 groups:

First, the auto-updated m3u list is uploaded to the server. Then it automatically gets to all subscribers. But only if a link and not a file was added.

“ONE” from IPTV m3u.ru

And another auto-renewable playlist. And you do not have to pay for it. It is allowed to use both on Android devices (these are set-top boxes, smartphones), and on Smart TV. The condition for updating is standard – add a link to the list: http://iptvm3u.ru/onelist.m3u.


Among the broadcasts presented are the latest entertainment, music, sports, movies, and children’s programs. The developer declares that downloading from the resource was and remains free, not commercial.

But I still recommend to try Paid IPTV providers.


The creator claims that this playlist contains TV channels with high picture resolution. This is indicated by the abbreviation “HD” in the name. Like others, it is updated automatically, without user participation. The recommended speed for comfortable viewing is 15 megabits per second. The player is advised to use OTT.


The resource has detailed instructions on how to install the software. The list is not collected manually, so the addition of TV channels according to personal preferences is excluded. Permanent download link:

https://iptvm3u.ru/hdlist.m3u. Contains working broadcasts of Russian channels. Downloaded for free.

Playlist from Smarttvnews.ru

Not like others, because here the channels are divided into groups: popular science, movies, sports, children’s, national (Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian), and others. It’s much more convenient than leafing through the list looking for the right broadcast.


And, of course, the list is up-to-date. In total, there are more than five hundred TV channels. There are both regular and HD. You can download it here: https://smarttvnews.ru/apps/freeiptv.m3u. The developer warns that the list may not work on all devices.

Playlist from SmartTVapp.ru

Contains many working links, and for Android devices including, both paid and commercial. For example, ILook TV – 1000 channels for a nominal fee of $1 per month.


Or a list like this: https://smarttvapp.ru/app/iptvfull.m3u. There is an auto-renewable list: https://smarttvapp.ru/app/iptv-auto.m3u .. Or a fresh one, for 1000 TV channels. Includes Russian, Ukrainian, children’s, in SD and HD format. Download it here: https://smarttvapp.ru/app/iptvfree.m3u.

Kids IPTV “Kids”

Worksheets with children’s content are present on the network in sufficient quantity. There are broadcasts on 32 channels containing more than 200 cartoons. The list includes Disney, Karusel, Nickelodeon, Detsky Mir, Multimania, and many others. Download links:


There are also English-language resources on the web. But to download from them you need to know the language, and sometimes not all links will work.

But I still recommend to try Paid IPTV providers.

Self-updating playlist from webarmen.com

An amateur blog whose author provides services and shares experiences. Including posting a selection of TV channels to watch. Guaranteed to work on TV, smartphone, set-top box. Need to add a link https://webarmen.com/my/iptv/xmltv.xml.gz into the software player.


Playlist is up-to-date, automatically updated with a periodicity of once in 2-3 days. It contains ordered topics, groups of channels (movies, adult, children’s, popular science, national broadcasts). Claims 90% of the channels on the list are functional. Download it here:

SlyNet playlist

The operator provides a stable broadcast, but requires registration, purchase of a subscription to use the service. Links to download without paying resource does not give.

You can get a test viewing for 20 rubles (one day), for 50 rubles – a weekly package. Available options are “Premium playlist” and “Stalker” (portal for mobile devices on Android, iOS).

Active link: http://iptv.slynet.tv/FreeBestTV.m3u.

Which playlist is better to choose

For comfort, it is preferable to load long running, regularly updated sheets. If there will be division into categories, that’s a plus. The main thing is that the broadcast was not interrupted, and the list of channels did not have to flip through, sorting out the good ones.

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