IPTV Belarus: free playlists of channels in m3u quality, how to download

Belarusian IPTV channels will successfully replace over-the-air TV, no matter how high quality it is. Digital picture is appreciated for the fact that it gives an incredibly rich picture, dynamics, and resolution. All this you can get for free and almost effortlessly. All that is needed is a stable Internet connection and equipment. The playlists themselves are ready, available for download and viewing.

IPTV playlist of Belarus (2021).

A standard m3u playlist containing TV channels from Belarusian providers such as Belmuz, Zala can be downloaded without any problems. At the same time, you can download a suitable player from the list of submitted. The application is necessary for the correct playback of TV channels from the list. In addition, there is a function for saving (creating) lists.

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Belarus playlist

The playlist includes both Belarusian and Russian channels. There are also European and English-language channels. You can download it at the link: https://iptv-russia.ru/list/by-all.m3u

What channels it contains

The full playlist with Belarusian TV channels includes an extensive list of almost a hundred titles. There are sports, popular science, and historical broadcasts. Selected even for hunters and fishermen. And, of course, the little viewers are not ignored.


They can find something to watch. Cartoons, “Visiting Fairy Tale”, “Children’s World”. A sample list includes:

  • «2×2»;
  • “365 Days TV”;
  • “Channel 8”;
  • “Amedia 2”;
  • “Blue Hustler”;
  • “Cartoon Network”;
  • “Discovery”;
  • “Euronews”;
  • “FOX”;
  • “Galaxy”;
  • “Our Football”;
  • “History”;
  • “National Geographic”;
  • “Sony SciFi”;
  • “Star”;
  • “TV1000 Russian Cinema”;
  • “Viasat”;
  • “Bel Bizes Chenel”;
  • “Belarus”;
  • “VTV”;
  • “Indian Cinema”;
  • “KVN”;
  • “My Planet”;
  • “Men’s Cinema”;
  • “STV”;
  • “Sarafan”;
  • “TNT”;
  • “Chanson”.

A complete list of TV channels the user will find after downloading, saving the playlist. It is updated, 2022.

If you are having trouble playing a playlist

Problems during startup indicate that there are broken links in the list. This is the main reason. Playlist creators (both free and commercial) periodically check the content. But it is better to run the list again with a checker before launching.

Another problem is that the broadcast does not start even with working links. Then the reason is in the list itself, the file format. It should be m3u, this is the most common extension. Well, the software player itself should be periodically updated to the latest version. This procedure will get rid of errors, problems with playing files.

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