IPTV Player no sound on some channels: causes and what to do

About a quarter of the people who watch TV don’t pay much attention to the picture. This usually happens while they are busy: cooking, cleaning, tidying up, or eating. If there’s no voice or music, you’ll probably either have to be nervous or laborious in setting up the device. But you’ll spend less time if you read the consistent instructions on what to do if there’s no sound on some IPTV Player channels.

Why is there no sound on some channels?

First, make sure your device is running smoothly. You may have forgotten to turn on your speakers or add speakers – the most trivial, but not uncommon, option. If volume problems are flashed on more than just the playlist – work with the settings. The device may be malfunctioning.

no sound

Let’s discard the trivial options, with them everything is obvious. If turning on the speakers and turning up the volume does not work, the problem is in the player. You may have the wrong audio track or output device specified in the settings.

What do I need to do to get sound back on IPTV Player?

The problem of the application must be fixed in the program itself. Go to the IPTV Player settings. The settings are indicated by a gear in the lower left corner, this is where you need to point your cursor or finger. Now get ready to go through all the channels.

Open the channel window and find the “Audio Track” line.


If the number 2 is there, change it to one, perhaps the sound is not coming from the speakers. If the field is 1, change it to 2 and again to 1. To save the changes, press the “Apply” button. An important point – look in the “Audio Card” section on the device that is specified in the field. If the name of the wrong gadget is there – the sound will not play.


After you have saved all the changes, reboot the device and check each of the channels.

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