IPTV playlist fishing: list of channels and active links for downloading

Today, almost everyone has high-definition television, even in the backcountry. The benefits of such a service are hard to underestimate, and the most important of them: thematic playlists with your favorite channels. For men it is a real gift, because you do not need to look for anything, just sit down and watch. For example, an IPTV playlist about hunting or fishing. Channels are specially selected for connoisseurs of such active leisure.


Playlists with channels about fishing

It is usually difficult to find a collection with channels only about macrame embroidery or planting potatoes, the providers are easier to collect them in a single list – “Hobby”. A wide variety of shows and directions are available there. There are playlists mainly for men, where sports, entertainment, and movie channels are combined. As a rule, such a package also includes items about fishing in the number of at least three pieces.

Where are the downloadable “fishing TV show” compilations:

List of channels about fishing

Lovers of sitting on the bank with a fishing rod are well familiar with the list of channels about this hobby. Well, those who are just starting out, can get acquainted with it now:

  • “Dialogues about fishing” is an entertaining resource that brings together Russian fishermen and eco-protectors. Topics: culture of fishing, traditions and history of the case, fish cooking, travel, sports tourism.
  • “Hunter and Fisherman” is the leader of the national broadcasting in this field. It airs programs about hunting and fishing, news, exclusive projects and practical advice.
  • “Podsecay-TV” – programs about the types of fish and the features of tackle to catch it. Tips from amateurs and professionals.
  • “Hunting and Fishing TV” – the channel is focused on uniting all for whom these hobbies – a full part of life. On the air fishermen are waiting for fascinating trips, views of distant corners of the country, fishermen’s duels for a generous catch.


Download playlist

Download playlists at the links above, you need to use your computer, and then export via USB flash drive to your TV.

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