IPTV playlist: how to download free and channel list 2021, current links

Watching free IPTV channels is easy, the main thing is to be able to find working builds. But even the best IPTV channel provider often fails and becomes unavailable. Many playlists downloaded from the Internet end up being abandoned or deleted due to possible copyright infringement. So if you are interested in free IPTV, prepare to update your playlists periodically.

Where’s the best place to watch live TV

Many people want to watch free online TV channels to enjoy live sporting events or music. To watch match broadcasts online, you can use websites from the internet or IPTV.


These websites are usually crowded with people who watch movies, TV shows, and sports broadcasts online. However, so-called free streaming sites are created only to promote tons of obnoxious ads. In addition, video buffering is far from always fast.

You can also watch live streaming from m3u playlists for free using IPTV. All you need is to find an assembly and install a player, such as Fork or Kodi. If the TV can be connected to the Internet, it is better to watch IPTV channels. So there are also sports and music TV shows, as well as movies and TV series on demand. You can use the playlists below with any compatible IPTV player.

Apps for watching free streaming TV

Almost all IPTV apps are available from the Apple App Store, Google Play, or the Windows Apps Store. These include Smart IPTV, SS IPTV, Kodi, and others. Some are free, but there are also apps that will charge for additional features, such as the ability to use multiple playlists or track new talk shows.

Smart IPTV

Fresh IPTV playlists m3u

The free IPTV channels provided by the URLs below contain live streaming on demand. The developers of the playlists update them regularly to ensure that they remain up and running. So if the channels suddenly stop running, go to the site and update the file to a new one.

These builds work with any IPTV streaming software that accepts either a URL or m3u file. Simply copy and paste the contents of one or more of these playlists into the program. But if you can’t get free channels set up, you can subscribe and get services from your ISP.

CIS channels

These playlists were taken from iptvmaster.ru, so for further updating visit this resource and download the file again. There are different selections, including a compilation of channels from all CIS countries. They will work in any country, including Crimea.

CIS tv channels

IPTV playlist with Russian TV channels – https://iptvmaster.ru/russia.m3u

With Belarusian channels – https://iptvmaster.ru/belarus.m3u

Music channels

If you do not want to make a paid subscription to iTunes or Spotify, you can get music on the music channels. This playlist contains current channels with music. They broadcast the best music videos around the clock, and you can choose music to your liking.

Music tv channels

The link to the music playlist is https://iptvmaster.ru/music.m3u

Sports channels

Playlist taken from iptv-russia.ru. It contains a compilation of 113 sports channels, such as “Eurosport”, “Olympic Channel” and “Viasat Sport”.

Sport channels

Playlist download it at the link – https://iptv-russia.ru/list/sport-all.m3u

Ukrainian TV channels

If you are interested in Ukrainian IP-TV, then this collection is for you. This compilation contains 66 channels which are broadcast on the territory of Ukraine.

Ukrainian TV channels

The download link is freely available – https://iptv-russia.ru/list/ua-all.m3u.

Playlist for Spain

This playlist will be good for people who want to learn Spanish culture and language or just interested in Spanish television. It contains news, entertainment and sports channels.

Spanish playlist

Download link – https://iptvmaster.ru/spain.m3u

America’s Playlist

Compilation taken from the resource tv-smart-tv.ru. It contains a huge number of English-language channels, choose for every taste and color.

American playlist

If you are interested, you can download by clicking here. http://tv-smart-tv.ru/iptv/america.m3u


This assembly was taken from playlist-iptv.ru. For all fans of the German language and culture, a playlist has been picked up with many new channels, under any category.

Germany playlist

You can download it from here – https://playlist-iptv.ru/2599.m3u

Canada Playlist

Canadian TV is original, so if interested – feel free to add yourself this collection.

Canada Playlist

Working link to download – https://playlist-iptv.ru/2605.m3u


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