iRobot Roomba i3 – Polish premiere

Authorized importer and distributor of iRobot in Poland – DLF company – announced the introduction of Roomba i3+ series of robot vacuum cleaners.

Like the Roomba i7+ and Roomba s9+ robots, the latest Roomba i3+ is compatible with the Clean Base station. In addition to the charging function, it provides the ability to automatically empty the robot’s tank of collected dirt. With this solution, users can forget about vacuuming for weeks. The dirt is collected in a sealed, replaceable bag, which holds the amount of dirt corresponding to up to 60 cycles of the robot. In addition, the station is equipped with a system AllergenLock, which stops up to 99% of harmful particles. This is made possible by using a quadruple layer of allergen-stopping material in the replaceable bags.

Roomba i3+ cleans all types of floors in a systematic way, moving along parallel lines to efficiently navigate the layout of multiple rooms. If the robot runs out of power during the work cycle, it will return to the station, recharge the battery and then complete the cleaning process.

Roomba i3+ is also equipped with a filter that stops 99% of pollen particles, mold, dust mites and cat and dog allergens. For the efficiency of cleaning is a proven – patented by iRobot – 3-stage cleaning system. In its framework, the rotating brush for cleaning at the edges of the dirt accumulated in the corners towards the cleaning head. It houses the two main brushes with a retreaded rubber coating. The whole is complemented by the suction power, which, thanks to optimized airflow is focused directly on the ground and is 10 times greater than Roomba 600 series robots. The highest efficiency is due to the detection of dirtier areas – Dirt Detect, through which Roomba constantly monitors the amount of collected dirt and pays special attention to places where there is more of it.

It fits into the rhythm of life and listens to voice commands

Roomba i3+ is a thoughtful new design. Its woven main panel texture minimizes fingerprints and looks aesthetically pleasing. The Clean button backlight communicates the current stage of the robot, then fades out to better blend in with the background.

With the new Genius platform, the iRobot Home app goes beyond conventional robot management. Based on artificial intelligence solution is available for iOS and Android users. It allows Roomba i3+ robots to suggest optimal solutions based on household habits. Thanks to this robot can present personalized cleaning suggestions through the iRobot Home application. For example, these will be recommended cleaning schedules, based on the already performed work cycles, or helpful suggestions such as more frequent cleaning in the period of lynching pets.

Event-based automations can be configured directly in the iRobot Home app. They are available for users of iRobot robots that are supported by the iRobot Genius platform and IFTTT applets. Thanks to them Roomba i3+ can communicate with devices operating within the home network. Then, for example, the robot will start the process of vacuuming, when there is a prompt from the smart lock that informs you about the departure of the household. And pairing with the Alexa or Google voice assistant allows you to manage the Roomba i3+ robot through voice commands. The robot also supports Imprint Link technology, so it can team up with the Braava jet m6 mopping robot for the best complementary cleaning results.

Price and availability

The new Roomba i3 vacuum robot series is available in two variants:

– iRobot Roomba i3 (with conventional docking station included) at a list price of £2199

– iRobot Roomba i3+ (with Clean Base charging and cleaning station included) at a list price of 3199 zł

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