Irvin Randle: Fashionable grandfather an internet sensation

He didn’t want fame. He didn’t seek it, but it found him on its own simply because he is. handsome, athletic and well-dressed. Learn the story of the “grandmother thief”. A story that proves that life can indeed begin at fifty.

His name is Irvin Randle and he lives in Texas. He’s an elementary school teacher by trade, but lately, instead of his career in education, he’s been talking about how he conquered the world through social media.

“MrStealYourGrandma,” which freely translates to “Mr. Who Steals Your Grandma.” – This hashtag has recently been used by Internet users to describe Irvin’s photos, which are circulating online at the speed of light. Why such popularity? It all began with the love of fashion, which the teacher from Houston shared with the world via Instagram. His account @irvinrandle remained undiscovered for a long time, but one day everything changed.

On June 29 of this year, user “@_magamedze” posted several photos of her fashionably dressed grandfather on her Twitter profile. Within a week, the tweet received 11,000 likes and 12,300 shares. It started a real craze and a career one could only dream of in the days before the internet.

The number of likes on the Instagram page of the stylish grandfather quickly exceeded one hundred thousand, and the hastily created Facebook page now has more than six hundred thousand fans! Of course, there is no shortage of those who want to bask in the glow of quick fame. There are at least several dozen fake “official” accounts.

At first, fans knew little about their new idol. They speculated about his age and profession. Only Irvin himself had to debunk the rumors and speak on the basic facts. “I’m 54 years old and have two grandchildren,” – he explained.

Another time he referred to rumors about his sexual orientation. After all, many internet users said that if a guy in his 50s is well-groomed and fashionably dressed, there is definitely “something wrong with him.”

“When you’re old and you look good and women all over the world are attracted to you, jealous men start spreading gay rumors. I have nothing against gay men, it’s none of my business how someone lives their own life. I’m not homophobic, but I’m not gay either. Young men, instead of hating, wake up and go get some exercise. Peace be with you. Ladies, I am all yours,” – he wrote in an official message.

Instead, it doesn’t take any messages to figure out that experimenting with fashion works well for Irvin. He looks equally good in ripped jeans and a tight T-shirt, a bright sports outfit, or a formal suit.

He knows how to match accessories. He is a lover of elegant watches and headwear. In pictures, he often appears in glasses – here, however, his feelings are constant. Mostly, they are classic aviators. His big asset is undoubtedly his beard. His elegantly trimmed, grey beard earns him many compliments.

When asked about the source of his fashion inspirations, he answered surprisingly that he has always dressed like this. In the past he only wore things that were a bit tighter.

Fashion experts and social media trend watchers expect Irvin to have a big career if he can bear the weight of fame and make the right choices. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for him because his example sends a message to men of little faith that it’s never too late to get in shape, take care of yourself and please women. Keep it up Mr. Randle. We’ll be looking out for you on billboards and catwalks!

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