Is Telegram safe: is it bugged by special services and how secure is it?

Any user wonders if the messenger Telegram is safe. Every subscriber who uses this application, worries about the safety and privacy of their data. Protection of customer information is an important task of Telegram. Security of correspondence is ensured by the messenger system. Each user is obliged to adhere to Telegram’s recommendations.

How secure is Telegram?

The security of Telegram subscribers’ data depends on the messenger’s capabilities, the smooth operation of the program and the users themselves. The application protects customer information in several ways. 

Is Telegram secure

How encryption works

Telegram users should know that their correspondence is transmitted in encrypted form. Messages are encrypted the moment they are sent and turn into a code, that is, a set of incomprehensible characters. When the information is received, it is decrypted.

The messenger carries out a similar process automatically, using special keys. Encryption and decryption are performed only on Telegram clients’ devices (computers, smartphones), but not on the server. Sent messages remain encrypted until received. Encryption programs are installed by default (except for the function to activate the secret chat). Users do not need knowledge of information encryption. The main thing is to learn how to use Telegram, learn the options of the application.


The messenger uses two types of encryption:

  • client-server and server-client (for cloud users);
  • client-client, that is, bypassing the server (for secret chats).

The correspondence of cloud users is backed up on the Telegram server. However, it is stored there in encrypted form, too. From any device, you can log into your account, and thanks to the backup on the server, all messages in your profile will be saved. Cloud correspondence is encrypted using symmetric encryption.

Telegram gives its subscribers the ability to create not only simple messages, but also secret chats. This function is only available on smartphones. Messages created using end-to-end encryption and activation of secret chats are transmitted in encrypted form from the sender to the recipient.

secret chats

The correspondence does not get, and it is not stored on the server. No one can read it (except the sender and the recipient). Secret messages are reliably protected and are automatically deleted after some time, but it is recommended to set the self-destruction timer when sending them.

Do long passwords help?

Until recently, it was possible to enter Telegram in RF without a password. When logging in, the server sent subscribers a cloud code to their phone number. This combination of characters had to be entered in the active line. I was able to log in if I correctly entered the cloud code sent. The second and subsequent times, it was possible to sign in to Telegram without any problems. No additional authentication was required.

If the login to Telegram was made from another device, another cloud code was sent to the client’s phone number. In order to log in to the messenger, you just need to have access to the SIM card specified during registration.

SIM card access

It is recommended that you set up a feature that allows you to enter a password when logging into your account. Setting an additional access code is in “Settings”. The password must be at least 8 characters long. The longer it is, the more secure it is. When logging into your profile, you will have to perform double authentication, that is, enter the cloud code and password. Two-step protection increases data security.

Hacking servers

It is not easy to hack a Telegram server. The developers of the messenger even announced a contest several times and offered cash rewards to hackers. However, no one has ever received a prize of several hundred thousand dollars for hacking the Telegram server.

Hacking Telegram server

Sometimes the program hangs, does not allow sending messages, and the sent information cannot be opened or read. This often happens if Telegram is overloaded with requests. In this case, you need to wait a little (a few minutes or hours), and the program will work. Telegram servers are located in five different countries. It is almost impossible to hack them. However, the program may hang up from time to time. This problem disappears by itself after a while.

Interception of files

There are special programs for the interception of files sent by the user of Telegram. Such products are installed in companies that conduct business correspondence using the messenger. File interception software is installed with the permission of management. It is used to monitor the correspondence of employees.

Telegram File Interception

If someone sends confidential information to competitors, the program intercepts files. Using a similar algorithm, unauthorized data interception can be performed.

Telegram users’ communications with each other were also disclosed

In order to uncover communications of a selected subscriber, listen to his voice messages, read his correspondence, you must first log into his account. The easiest way to sign in is by getting a cloud access code. You can sign in to a specific user’s account from a different device. Getting someone else’s access code can also be done using a hacker’s page hacker program. The SS7 cellular protocol is vulnerable. Hackers can use a special program to intercept the access code, sent to your phone in the form of sms.


It’s harder to log in to a password-protected account. The double degree of protection completely eliminates the possibility of hacking. If the user uses secret chat, an intruder will not find any information on his profile. Messages encrypted by end-to-end encryption are not stored on the server or in the client profile, they are deleted on their own after some time.

How to increase the security of the application?

Telegram users who use the messenger for personal correspondence can put a password on their login and not worry about the safety of data. Hacking of personal pages is extremely rare. Hackers work for high remuneration. No one is interested in information that does not contain trade secrets.


Business correspondence carried out by company employees via Telegram is hacked most often. The messenger allows customers to store and send documents, photocopies, photos, text, voice and video files. It is advisable to protect sensitive information from hacking. Secret information should not be trusted to mobile applications.

Ways to help secure your Telegram correspondence:

  • setting an additional password to sign in to Telegram (double authentication);
  • Using secret chat for correspondence;
  • installing antivirus software on your device;
  • Using secure data transfer protocol HTTPS;
  • protection of the wireless network.

True, information on a computer or smartphone can be read when the device is turned on. In this case, it is recommended to set a password to log into the device.

phone login password

The reliability of the safety of correspondence in Telegram depends not only on the software capabilities of the messenger, but also on the clients themselves. It is advisable not to leave your smartphone unattended. It is recommended to turn off your computer when not in use.

No program guarantees 100% protection against hacking. Confidential information is best not entrusted to Telegram. Apps that support OTR (such as Conversations, Adium, Xabber, and others) are considered more trustworthy.

Sharing data with third parties

The developers of Telegram have repeatedly said that user data is not shared with third parties, including intelligence services. Client correspondence is protected from wiretapping, primarily by the rules of the messenger’s internal policy. Telegram does not cooperate with the controlling law enforcement agencies. User information is not monitored or wiretapped.

The messenger was originally founded for secure communication. The application’s policy states that correspondence is protected from surveillance by representatives of government agencies. However, Telegram, like any software product, is vulnerable. The application is not protected against data leaks and hacking. However, on a voluntary basis, the developers of the messenger do not provide their users’ data to third parties.

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