It’s over: Xiaomi explains how to disable ads in MIUI

Previously, only users of unnamed Chinese phones complained about the abundance of intrusive advertising content. It was a kind of payment for the cheapness of the product. Xiaomi has never positioned its products as low-cost, on the contrary, offering a quality, reliable product.

And the branded Android add-on, MIUI, made the devices original and unique. But more recently, someone from the managers decided that it would be a good idea to insert a special advertising block into the shell, and not switchable. And from that moment the headache of Xiaomi smartphone users around the world began.


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Nothing helped – neither fine-tuning, nor endless appeals to support. Finally, after many years, listening to numerous requests, the company announced there was a simple way to disable ads. Apparently, preserving user loyalty turned out to be more important than promoting some services and products.

Now Xiaomi owners have to do the following:


  1. Activate Xiao Ai voice assistant.
  2. Run the “Close system ” command.
  3. Go to the “Settings” menu.
  4. Find the item “Advertising Service” and deactivate it.

That is all! Advertising should disappear from the weather forecast, the browser and the Xiaomi app store. It is also suggested to disable any settings that have the phrases “promotions (ads)”, “recommendations”.


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