Jabra Evolve2 40 Test

The Jabra Evolve2 40 are cheap and slick headphones – perfect for working from home. How does this headset perform on a daily basis? You will find out in our test.

Evolve2 40 is a cheaper and smaller version of the Evolve2 85 headphones, which we tested some time ago. This set was created for less demanding users, who want to spend less money on headphones. The manufacturer had to make some compromises, but ultimately it worked out well.

How do they look like?

Evolve2 40 is a decently made over-ear headphones. The shells are comfortable, although they do not completely surround the auricle. They are padded with soft shape-memorizing foam that allows air to pass through well and doesn’t wear out too quickly (2-month test perspective).

The headband is stiff and comfortable, though the padding could be slightly softer. The whole design at times seems to be too clumsy, as with some movements of the headphones, they seem to “creak” a bit. The fit of the materials themselves could be on a higher level.

Jabra headphones are comfortable, you can wear them even for long hours. They are also quite light – weighing less than 170 grams, so you can easily fit them in any bag or backpack. The included pouch is made of felt and works well – until it does, because it will probably start to get moldy over time.

How do they play?

The Evolve2 40 have three microphones: two are located in the boom arm and one in the right ear cup. They also feature a 360-degree occupancy LED on both headphones to signal the need to concentrate or an important instant messaging conversation (such as the manufacturer-backed Teamsa).

The headphones even seem to be made for long conversations. I can imagine that this equipment is ideal for telemarketers and others who spend hours on the phone. Call clarity is top notch – both in terms of our audibility and our caller.
The same goes for the sound quality. Although these are not headphones strictly for music lovers, there is nothing to prevent you from going to the regions of your favorite sounds from time to time. Evolve2 40 don’t offer premium sound reproduction (like the already mentioned Evolve2 85 model), but the average user will be satisfied with this level.

It is also worth mentioning that the headphones have a built-in ambient noise cancellation (ANC) system, which works flawlessly. The Evolve2 40 headset is compatible with all leading Unified Communications (UC) platforms for seamless collaboration.

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