Jaworzno bets on Hyperloop rail and autonomous public transport

Jaworzno aspires to be the most ecological, safe and intelligent city in Poland. The authorities are betting on the Hyperloop high-speed railroad and autonomous buses.

Last year, the news that a test section of the Hyperloop railroad of the future would be built in the Silesian city of Jaworzno spread through the Polish media. Paweł Silbert, the mayor of that city, and Marek Gutt-Mostowy, CEO of Euroloop, signed a letter of intent regarding potential tube testing for the world’s fastest train.

According to the plan, the track will be 5 kilometers long and will be located on the route of the old railroad, between the city center and Szczakowa. Euroloop is keenly interested in Jaworzno, as the area meets all the criteria set by the company.

The venture in Poland is handled by Euroloop, which is headed by a talented Pole, Marek Gutt Mostowy. He created the company together with his specialists from Silicon Valley. He has cooperated with the European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN, which has a Large Hadron Collider in its facility near Geneva.

Euroloop wants to build in Poland a full-scale test section of the Hyperloop system. In the first place, the system will serve the transport of goods. Only in a longer perspective will it serve passenger transport.

Jaworzno bets on autonomous and ecological urban transport. Photo: Pexels.

But this is not the end of big investments. Jaworzno aspires to become the most innovative city in Poland. Only electric buses from Polish Solaris or Ursus, and eventually also hydrogen-powered vehicles, are to run in the city.

The city already boasts as much as 40% of its fleet of zero-emission buses, and that share will soon rise to 80%.

“We are a city open to innovation. I like change and I choose people for my work who are oriented to constant development. We prefer to be pioneers in many undertakings instead of following the example of only proven and established solutions. Sometimes it’s necessary and worth taking a risk, that’s how it was with the electric buses”. – said Pawel Silbert, the president of Jaworzno.

The authorities of Jaworzno have launched a system of renting electric city bikes and will soon allow for testing electric and autonomous cars.

Later this year, a pilot program of mapping the city will be launched to create a system necessary for autonomous vehicles to move around.

Two days ago, representatives of the Ministry of Infrastructure, the National Centre for Research and Development and the Jaworzno local government signed a letter of intent that provides for the testing of prototypes of autonomous public transport vehicles. The vehicles are to be developed by NCBR Bezemisyjny Transport Publiczny.

According to the plan, the first buses and autonomous cars will go on the streets of Jaworzno in the third quarter of next year. At that time, the city will be the first in Poland to test this type of future technology.

“I believe that in the same way we will be the city where the history of Polish autonomous vehicles will begin. We have an exceptional infrastructure, many visionaries and enthusiasm to actively co-create the technological future in the country” – Silbert added

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