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Deep virus scan with Junkware Removal Tool

There are many applicationsthat aim to combat spyware scripts, ad viruses and annoying browser extensions. In one of my previous posts I told you about the best tools in this area. Today, I would like to suggest you to download Junkware removal tool for free and eliminate malware on your computer.

What to do if Anti-Malware doesn’t help?

I have repeatedly recommended my readers to use Malwarebytes utility to remove various junk on your PC. But this method is not always suitable. Some threats are able to disguise themselves and penetrate deep into the system. You will need more advanced methods to remove them.

Not so long ago I came across the Junkware Removal Tool, which for now is free, without having to pay for a license. I would like to believe that this will always be the case. However, experience has shown that over time manufacturers restrict the key capabilities of effective tools and ask for money to unlock them.

By the way, this application can detect even those threats that professional anti-viruses overlook. These include various advertising add-ons in browsers that not only shower sites with banners, but also change the home page (and it’s not so easy to restore the default value).

How to use JRT?

First, you need to download Junkware Removal Tool in Russian from the official website:


After downloading the utility, nothing much will happen. Just run the program and you will see a black console window on the screen with a brief description of the application. Press any key on the keyboard to continue:

JRT main window

First a rollback point will be created (just in case). JRT will then perform a number of important operations and scan:

  • Processes currently running;
  • Autorun objects;
  • System services;
  • File system;
  • Internet browsers installed on your computer;
  • Shortcuts.
Operations in JRT

In general, in automatic mode, the steps I described in this manual..

The result of the procedure is a report and save it in a text file, which can be viewed at any time:

JRT scan results

Especially for this experiment I used my spare laptop, where I had installed all sorts of stuff for a long time. The utility managed to find several dangerous registry entries, malicious Mozilla Firefox extensions and even viruses in Internet Explorer. They were automatically removed.

If it happens that after using Malwarebytes Junkware Removal Tool your computer becomes unstable, you can always use a previously created restore point to get back to a successful configuration.

To finally “finish off the enemy” you can download and run DrWeb Cure It in safe mode (as a precaution). There is a chance that some elements still remain in the system, but the double check will not leave them a chance to survive. I don’t want to question the effectiveness of JRTool, but if you can do an extra check, why not?

Here is another interesting tip. If you try to run anti-virus software but get interference (the program interface takes a long time to load or the main window does not appear at all), viruses are probably blocking these processes. You should immediately resort to the utility described in this article.

Once again, I give you the link to download from the official resource:


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