Just one button allows you to detect a phone scammer with 100% accuracy: a working method

Most smartphone users have no idea how easy it is to identify a phone scammer by pressing just one button on the phone; some have tried the method twice and it really works. Recently, the number of calls from suspicious numbers has increased. Scammers have started calling citizens from Moscow numbers especially often. But there is one button, when you click on it to find out who the caller is.

How to uncover a telephone scammer with one button

Recording a conversation is a simple way to uncover a telephone intruder. Recording a conversation with a suspicious caller is easy: a special tool is provided in the smartphone.


Algorithm of action:

  1. During a conversation on the phone, press the record button as soon as the call is answered. On touchscreen phones, the call functions are displayed during a call. It is in this menu that there is a call recording button.
  2. Once the button is pressed, the robot voice tells the caller that the conversation is being recorded. After that, the cybercriminal usually resets the call or changes the subject of the conversation and says goodbye to the person. A real bank or police officer would not do that.

If the call is really from a bank or security officer, the manager will continue talking. However, scammers immediately realize that their interlocutor is not so simple, and it is unlikely to deceive him. There is another way to catch a telephone scammer. The scammer is immediately notified that the conversation is being recorded. In this case, the cybercriminal loses interest or immediately resets.


Useful tips

It is easy to protect yourself from telephone scams. The main thing is to understand that the caller behaves suspiciously.

Let’s consider useful tips on this topic:

  1. It is better not to answer unfamiliar numbers. Especially if you see a number with Moscow coding – 495.
  2. Install the number identifier on your smartphone. To do this, download special software, which finds references to a suspicious number.
  3. Do not give personal information on the phone to anyone. Bank managers rarely contact customers, but do not ask about the confidential data of the user of their product. This is done for security purposes. A bank employee will usually invite the person into the branch if their intervention is needed.


Identifying a telephone cybercriminal is easy. You should turn on the record button on suspicious calls. It’s best not to answer strange callers. If the user does answer and receives a notification about a large amount of money debited from a bank card or account, it is better to call the bank directly. The hotline phone number is indicated on the official website of the organization.

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