Kaspersky Secure Connection: What is this program and how to uninstall it?

Kaspersky Secure Connection: What is this program and how do I uninstall it?

Hello. During the installation of Kaspersky Lab’s 2017 security software, you additionally get a set of useful tools, among which is Kaspersky Secure Connection. What is this utility and how to remove/disable it? I will tell you about that in today’s review.

Features of the KSC tool

Activating KSCWe are dealing with a VPN service that secures the connection to the network in order to keep users’ personal data as safe as possible from external attacks. All requests are sent through an encrypted communication channel and your location and IP address are hidden. This is not a bad A good way to bypass ISP blocking of websites.

Thus, you will be able to correspond with your friends in social networks or make purchases online without worrying about personal files or payment details ending up in the hands of cybercriminals.

Kaspersky Secure Connection cannot be downloaded separately, it is installed together with KIS or KAV. Do not try to download individual installer on torrents and other suspicious resources as it may result in infecting your PC with viruses.

It’s easier to download free antivirus at the official link below and get the necessary functionality:


After installation, the software features are automatically activated as soon as you try to connect to an insecure Wifi channel. You will be prompted to activate the protection by clicking on the appropriate button:

Activation of secured connection

On the main screen of the utility, you can select a specific server from which requests will be sent (the default is “Automatic”) or disable the protection for a while.

Kaspersky Secure Connection interface

Don’t mind the 200 MB per day restriction. I do not know why the developers have implemented this counter, but it does not work and does not affect the functionality of the application in any way. I personally have not noticed any changes after the limit is used up.

But some users write that after two hundred megabytes they are offered to pay almost five dollars to remove all obstacles and use the utility freely. It is clear that this option is not suitable for everyone, and the question arises – how to uninstall Kaspersky Secure Connection?

How to uninstall?

This is done simply, without “dancing with diamonds” and the command line.

  • All you need to do is to go to in the control panel Select the section “Programs / Components”:
Kaspersky Secure Connection: What is this program and how to uninstall it?
  • Then find unnecessary software in the list of installed software and click the “Uninstall” button in the upper part of the window (sorry for the screenshot, it was taken from another manual, but the principle remains the same):
Uninstalling the program
  • Follow the instructions of the “wizard” by clicking several times “Next” until the cleaning procedure starts. When the manipulation is complete, you need to restart your PC to remove all traces of the unwanted application from the system.

That is all. The method of removal is very simple. And if you want to know how to disable Kaspersky Secure Connection for a certain time, I told you about it in the article above (use the switch in the main window of the program).

Now you know what this program is, whether you should use it is up to you.

Regards, Victor!

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