KC: GO Diskord Server: a description of the top 14 best, what are their advantages

Discord servers for “KC: GO” – is not uncommon: military and tactical shooter from Valve has long turned into a source of entertainment and competitive content. Messenger carefully connects those who share the news, looking for partners or have long dreamed of a couple of duels with opponents in indoor arenas. Regardless of the objectives Discord will cope with the tasks and will be happy to offer the appropriate places to communicate.



The key community in Discord dedicated to CS:GO, hosting hundreds and thousands of fans of the famous shooter. Focuses solely on “Counter-Strike” (but, besides “GO”, previous versions, such as “Source” and 1.6, are also discussed), but occasionally there are channels with a little more distant from the competitions and fights.

The server is designed to find allies, competitive matches and gladiatorial duels format 1 to 1. If the standard set of activities has long been bored, the server administrators allow experiment in “Hide and Seek” or look at special links for competitions in the “Maniac”.



Discord server with channels for Russians (or more precisely, for Russian-speaking visitors, including those from the CIS) and Europeans who prefer to communicate in English. Dozens of topics are discussed in the community, from CS:GO, Fortnite, and Minecraft to anime. Among its competitors Gendzi stands out with its very diverse and quite interesting economic system with ranks, reputation bars and all sorts of details for those interested in moving up the virtual career ladder.


A stable server in Discord with entertainment themes, partly related to “CS:GO”, but also adjusting for other areas of the eSports world (“Fortnite”, “Dota 2”, “LOL”). Visitors to the server every day a little over 300-500, and the total list already more than 2000. The server is focused mainly on the inhabitants of the CIS, but occasionally found in thematic pods like “Servers for gamers” with an implication of the possibility of finding allies or compare skills in competitive duels.


s for

Gamer’s house

Unfamiliar Discord RUS-server with an elaborate hierarchy of administrators (each person monitors the safety of users, order and communication, but some have additional privileges and goals). In addition to manual “filtering” of messages in chats, there are daily news, help with configuring various equipment and configs, as well as special chat commands designed to find important information, sort content, or highlight text. Like Gendzi, there is also a system of rewards and ranks.



An updated version of the OURGAME OLD server, with slightly fewer followers and followers, but with a more secure and transparent admin system and additional sections for teammates or chatting about non-cyber-sport related topics. The server is developing fast enough, but sometimes communication (especially from 14:00 to 19:00 MSK) greatly lacks because of the uneven distribution of visitors time zones.


Atlant Universe

An entertainment server in the Discord messenger with a logical division into groups-channels for chatting, finding allies (“Among Us”, “Rainbow Six Siege”, “Minecraft”, “CS:GO”, “Dota”, “Fortnite”, “GTA 5”, “Rust”), battles, or news discussion. The administration is available almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The same routine at the local radio station (music selections change periodically and cover dozens of genres), as well as in the reward system, which gives experience points and special ranks.


Just a server

A server in the messenger Discord, designed primarily for cross-thematic communication in chats and on the pages of thematic channels, where anime, Hollywood blockbusters, or even books are discussed incessantly. The channel is developing quite rapidly and has long since transformed from a local haven for casual visitors into an almost guarantor of communication. Additionally Just a server allows you to find allies, conduct Clan War (KV), and all kinds of development of individual skills in training matches.


Soul Reflection

A very curious server in Discord, which stands out against the background of competitors controversial, albeit friendly, atmosphere. Instead of poetic words about channels, available features or ranks, the administration reminds how complicated the world around and how high the chances of encountering troublemakers and cheaters are. Despite the warnings, finding allies for a “party” is not a problem at all, and the same “CS:GO” on the pages of Soul Reflection is discussed almost non-stop.



An unpretentious community with a no less ascetic name that is almost devoid of expressiveness. But it’s not the naming but the presentation that’s more important: GAMERS has few problems with the content. First of all, there are plenty of visitors, so you’ll have no problem finding allies, not even on a dark night or in the early morning. Second, there are thematic channels (and for “CS:GO” suitable prepared), tips for beginners and news. And at the same time – sections for communication without reference to the themes. Lacking perhaps only administrators who can resolve disputes without delay in a few hours.



A lamplight Discord chat room with anime-themed content (and only distantly related to eSports disciplines including “CS:GO”), 24/7 administration, a built-in economics system, chat commands, and occasional contests and events. Blossom is unevenly populated, but the number of followers is only growing. And frequent changes in the design of the server adds zest to it.


Submarine CS:GO [RU]

Developing server in Discord, still growing a new audience and interested gamers, looking for teammates and those who want to move up the career ladder in the matchmaking “CS:GO”. In addition to socializing, the administrators maintain a 24-hour radio station and allow you to chat about distracting topics related to humor and even the movie industry.



An extremely combat server in Discord, aimed at those who want to develop shooting in shooters (“CS:GO”, “Fortnite”, “Valorant”, “Rainbow Six: Siege”) and dream to find partners for joint training or duels. In addition to communication admins often post links to various videos and news, and at the same time – maps for the game sessions. It is intended mainly for users from the CIS countries, who are used to communicate in Russian. With English you will have problems.


World Windukk

Almost a local server in Discord with friendly administration, branded design and an impressive collection of channels divided by topics and designed for those who want to communicate, develop skills or train. World Windukk offers few unexpected features: commands, music, humorous slices. The only thing that stands out is the uncomplicated rules system, which allows everyone to communicate freely and without worrying about the results.



Not a server, but an infotainment community at the intersection of space, timeless. It offers an almost mystical atmosphere, channels for finding allies, protection from flooding and spam, as well as news, additional content, and rare, but still organized, events. CS:GO” “space” has quite a bit to do with it.

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