Keyboard shortcuts to make your web browser easier to use

A lot of people still surf the web in a doe-eyed manner, ignoring tools that could make the process faster and easier. There are keyboard shortcuts, universal for most of the most popular browsers, that can help Internet users to search the web efficiently.

Ctrl and F

If you’re interested in finding a specific word or an entire phrase on a page, you don’t have to read all the text. The combination Ctrl + F will open a search window. You can type the word you’re looking for into it, and answers will immediately appear relating to the number and location of the phrase.

Ctrl and G

Sometimes it may happen that the selected word appears in the text several dozen times. Then you do not have to bother and click the arrow each time to go to the place where the next word appears. Just use the shortcut Ctrl + G to move to the next search term much faster.

Ctrl and +

Many times you may come across a situation when you enter a given page and there are letters inserted in such a small font that it is hard to read anything. In such situations you can zoom in by using Ctrl and + combination.

Ctrl and –

Similarly, there are pages where the images go beyond the borders of the screen. If you would like to enjoy the photo in its full glory without scrolling, just zoom out using Ctrl and -.

Ctrl and Tab/Ctrl and Shift and Tab or Ctrl and Page Down/Ctrl and Page Up

Two main sets of shortcuts are responsible for changing tabs. These are Ctrl + Tab to select the tab next to the right or Ctrl + Shift + Tab to move to the left. Similarly, you can use the Ctrl+ Page Up and Ctrl + Page Down key sets. For the first set, the combination can be done using one hand. The second way requires the use of both hands.

Ctrl and P

If you want to quickly print the contents of a page, then the combination Ctrl + P should certainly interest you. It will immediately open the print window.


There is no need to scroll all the time. You can browse pages without using your mouse. Just use the spacebar, which takes you to the next page, if the site has one, or descends below. This is a convenient solution, especially because scroll wheels in the mouse very often break and malfunction. Instead of replacing the hardware right away, you can use a keyboard shortcut.

Shift and Spacebar

Similarly, you can scroll back to the top. This is done with the Shift + Spacebar combination, which will take you to the previous page or up the text.

Ctrl and Enter

There is no need to type www and com every time you search for a particular website. Just type the name of a website like Facebook and then use Ctrl + Enter and www and com will appear by themselves.

Ctrl and J

When you download files from the Internet, they usually appear in the bottom bar of your browser. However, when you click on them, you are taken to its location on your computer and the link disappears from the bar. The problem can occur when we accidentally close a new window. How to find downloaded files then? Of course you can do it the clumsy way through the browser menu, but it would be much faster to use Ctrl + J.

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