Kingdom Hearts – PS2

Kingdom Hearts - PS2

The idea seemed completely crazy. Two completely different worlds, characters that seemingly have nothing in common. Final Fantasy with its pathos, epic stories and characters with personalities so complex that the romantic heroes of Polish literature seemed barely “twisted” compared to them. Systems of magic, weapons, items, and statistics – although the Squaresoft series has always been difficult and complicated (at least at first), players loved it even more with each new installment. And that’s when Disney came onto the RPG scene.


Comic book fans are familiar with the theme of merging worlds under the term “cross-over.” Cross-overs have been referred to as the joint adventures of Superman and Spiderman, or Batman and the Punisher, who unite their forces against a world-threatening force. Squaresoft’s latest game, Kingdom Hearts, is undoubtedly such a project. Two universes of heroes were pitted against each other – on one side the newest “square” hero, Sora, supported by Squall (FF8), Cloud, Yuffie, Aeris (FF7), and Tidus (FFX), on the other Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and Goofy the dog, surrounded by practically all the characters known from popular cartoons. The reason? An invasion of mysterious Heartless Shadows that destroy worlds (which are depicted as levitating islands). It also begs the question, who sent these Shadows? Sora, the heroes of the Final Fantasy and Disney worlds are the last and only hope to stop the disaster.


The main actor around whom all the events will take place is Sora. The young man is slightly crazy, but ambitious and devoted to friendship. Together with his companions, he plans a great adventure – on a raft he has built himself, they want to cross the ocean around them and explore other, distant worlds. We meet Sora himself in rather strange circumstances. The beginning of the game is something like a “tutorial”, which shows the player how to deal with the controls. There is also the configuration of our hero – it consists of defining his hierarchy of values. The player decides whether he wants to be a warrior who pushes forward at all costs (sword), a defender who primarily cares about the safety of others (shield) or rather chooses to explore the secrets of magic (wand). All this is accompanied by solemn music – the player can feel the solemnity of the moment. Then we meet the characters from FF X. Tidus and Wakka ask us about things that are important in life. The choice we make will determine how we are perceived by others. In the meantime, Sora is transported to a mysterious room that consists of a floor stylized as stained glass, and. darkness. Here Sora encounters his first opponents. After completing the introduction to Kingdom Hearts, we unexpectedly wake up on the beach. Sora is not sure if everything that happened to him was a dream or something more.

Kingdom Hearts is Squaresoft’s brand new RPG concept. Of course, players familiar with Final Fantasy will find many common elements. What has changed is the control system and the combat. Kingdom Hearts at first glance resembles a platformer. Fights do not take place randomly – we encounter opponents in real time. Also the duel itself takes place in a purely arcade fashion. Sora can jump, attack with a combination of blows using the great key (it’s a very important item for the further development of the story in the game), and cast spells. Everything happens on the fly, so the screen is brimming with fireworks and graphic effects. Fortunately, our hero is not alone. During his heroic mission he is bravely supported by Donald and Goofy – during the fight we can also count on them. They support Sora both by attacking enemies and using magic (e.g. if our health meter shows that we’re very unwell, Donald will use healing items). This kind of cooperation between the player and the computer-controlled characters is very interesting and allows us to avoid the feeling of loneliness – we’re better off in a group.

Of course, Kingdom Hearts was not without its RPG elements. There are levels of experience, skills, stats, weapons, items and so on. While Kingdom Hearts seems more like a platformer at first, as it progresses it becomes a racy RPG. This game introduces the player to a world of adventure and magic in a very gentle and subdued way.

Kingdom Hearts has a very specific atmosphere. Donald Duck summoning a Dumbo summoner? Weird to say the least. However, you can’t help but admit that it plays fantastically. Squaresoft’s latest game offers three features characteristic of their productions. First, a storyline that draws you in without limit and makes you forget all about the time you’ve wasted on your PlayStation 2. Secondly, the graphics, which are reminiscent of a cartoon film – they are beautiful, full-color and with excellent animation. Finally, there is a wealth of detail and complexity that should satisfy more orthodox fans.

Kingdom Hearts is a kind of ticket that takes the player on a journey to childhood and the world of fairy tales. The game is undoubtedly unique offering excellent entertainment in the company of the most famous heroes of the Final Fantasy and Disney universes.

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