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With the latest movies and TV shows subtitled in English, learning English online is becoming increasingly popular. Naturally, you can take from native speakers sometimes even much more than from standard forms of learning. Such a method is useful for several reasons:

  • Interest is as much about learning as it is about having fun. Of course, it does not mean that you have to forget about the classical lessons and the rules of grammar, but with the help of films you can distract yourself or even watch the latest novelties.
  • Increase vocabulary – colloquial expressions and phrases are very easy to remember.
  • Improving listening comprehension – in the video we hear live speech from native speakers, but it’s important to determine for yourself right away whether you need British or American dialect.
  • Formation of correct pronunciation – you can learn intonation and accent, so it is better even to repeat after the actors on the screen.
How to learn English from movies and TV series

At first it may seem that this way is very difficult, but you do not need to be afraid that while watching you will not understand the words and phrases. There are subtitles for this, there are even 3 options:

  • English subtitles;
  • Russian;
  • joint.

Many services offer learning English on the series with double subtitles. So you’ll understand not only the translation, pronunciation, but also the spelling of the word. To make learning easier and more effective, you should know how to do it competently:

  • Making the right choice – This is what determines the quality of learning. Adequately and honestly assess your knowledge to choose your level of difficulty. For beginners from scratch, watch simple cartoons and sitcoms, such as Living English and Winnie the Pooh; for more advanced users, watch Modern Family, Adventure Time, and others. Just choose by level.
  • Consider the interests – Genre also matters, if you like a TV series, learn from it, so it brings fun.
  • Include subtitles – In the beginning it’s better to watch with double subtitles. This way you’ll understand what’s happening on the screen, and you’ll remember words and phrases visually. It can be difficult at first, but gradually you will learn to focus on the main points. You can even rewatch the series several times.
  • Write down unfamiliar words in a dictionary – are things you need to learn, then you can watch and remember them later.
  • Imitation – Be sure to repeat intonations.

A few more tips:

  • Choose an excerpt of a video of up to five minutes in length;
  • Repeat after the actors up to 10 times without looking at the subtitles.

The best services for learning English from movies and TV series with subtitles online


This is a completely free resource where you can work even without registration. Most of the presented serials, there are cartoons, but not too much choice. For the initial stage is quite suitable.


Huge selection of popular series and movies, such as Twilight. On the right side is the full text of the dialogues, it moves around as you talk, so you can immediately see what phrase the character is saying. You can put English or Russian translation. To access the full functionality will need registration. The best part is that the words in the subtitles are clickable, that is, click on the selected, you see the translation. The user can add what he needs in the dictionary, which is available in the personal cabinet.

For the player to work correctly on mobile devices, it is best to use the google chrome browser. You can work through each phrase to figure out the order of words in a sentence and already memorize it by ear. The service is free, there are no restrictions. There is a search bar. Many experts say that it is good to learn from the TV series “Friends”, which is also presented on the site. Reviews about the service are only positive.


Here you can choose double subtitles: in Russian and in English. To access it will need registration, but you can use the account data from your social network, for example, Yandex, Google or My World. This will take no more than 2 minutes. In the search bar, you can search for the desired movie, there are subtitles, and at the bottom there is a handy glossary.

You can pay to extend the functionality if necessary. The monthly fee is approximately 332 rubles, and if you pay for the entire year, you get a discount. Each show, movie has a difficulty, you can add to your favorites.


A large selection of videos, for example, there is “Desperate Housewives”, “Game of Thrones” and other popular tapes. You can install a special browser extension to watch without a time limit. Here it is necessary to register, but you can also enter through social networks. It will be important to confirm the registration at the post, otherwise you can watch only 10 minutes a day.

Next, a new dictionary is added for the selected series or movie. It will be possible to select unfamiliar concepts, create audio from the selected words and listen to it. In English subtitles, you can select words from the list and from the text.

You can also take a subscription for a month if you want – 160 rubles, for 3 months – 430 rubles, for six months – 760 rubles.

This opens up an unlimited number of translations, words in one dictionary, exporting selected concepts to LinguaLeo and Anki, and viewing everything. But you can do without a subscription, too. Allowed to watch a video up to 30 minutes a day, most often more and do not need, and have the opportunity to do 40 translations per day, recording 15 words.


Subtitles are offered dual: Russian and English. You can download them once a day, choose different categories. The catalog is quite large, exactly everyone will be able to choose a genre and a tape according to their interests. There are explanations for all actions. When you put the cursor on the word, the translation and meanings are given. The icon on the player control panel can switch subtitles, it is easy to adjust the view, size, colors, background. The interface is simple, clear and accessible, you can quickly understand.


It is worth highlighting this resource separately. The other sites offer a large selection of movies and TV shows, and this one has a variety of American programs. There is a dictionary, you can add words and phrases. In addition, you can train the knowledge of words with a special system of interval repetition. Of the pluses – multilingual, you can point at the subtitle and the translation will appear at once. While watching you can immediately translate even whole unfamiliar sentences. This site is also free, registration is not required.

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