LG 2021 Smartphones: description of top 3 flagships and new features

Life is good – the motto of the international company LG, producing household appliances, peripherals for computers, and since 2001, GSM-cell phones, which were later replaced by smartphones. Despite the current decline of the international corporation, it still has decent products to this day. Even today, in 2022, LG is producing smartphones that are as good as even the current, popular brands.


LG W41.

The first phone only appeared in 2001, and today, twenty years later, the company’s creation has “evolved” to a full-fledged smartphone that may not surprise incorrigible geeks, but will meet the requirements of ordinary users. We are talking about a novelty – the model W41, which is released by LG in February 2022.

No, the smartphone can not be called a breakthrough, an ordinary gadget, of which there are a million. The angular design of the edges and the monochrome shade of the front of the device is a rarity among today’s models. It is noteworthy that LG used a similar design five years ago. Perhaps it’s a brand thing, or maybe it’s the designers’ laziness.



As the material for the display is LCD IPS. The screen diagonal is 6.5 inches, which is 15.24 centimeters. To visualize this, take a piece of paper from a notebook and a ruler. 6.5 inches is 2 centimeters less than the width of a notebook page. At the same time, the working area of the touch screen occupies 79% of the surface. The pixel density on the screen is 270 ppi. For a modern phone this is normal.

The processor .

The eight-core Mediatek Helio G35 processor is responsible for computing in the smartphone. The clock speed is 2.3 GHz. The processor is not suitable for resource-intensive games or running graphics editors. Multitasking is not about him. But the chipset is economical and does not waste battery.


The popular performance test (benchmark) AnTuTu gave the processor 109869 points. This is enough for routine tasks like surfing the Internet or playing games. However, applications with complex 3D graphics, game multiplayer or phenomena that require additional resources, it is better not to run. Lags, crashes and heating of the phone are provided.

RAM (RAM) and permanent memory (ROM)

RAM is known to be responsible for the speed of information processing. IN THE LG W41 4 GB RAM. This is a popular value for all phones that are released after 2016. Of course, this is enough for full use of the device. However, you should not hope for constant uninterrupted operation. A lot of open browser tabs or apps will instantly start to slow down the device.


The device has 64 GB of internal memory or ROM. You can clutter up that memory by downloading more than 64 copies of the game PUBG Mobile (1GB), 165 hours of 720px movie quality, or about 7200 tracks of 2.5 minutes each. I don’t think more examples are needed to show how much this memory is.


The main camera (the one on the back) consists of four modules: for normal photos, wide-angle, portrait mode, macro lens. The main camera has a resolution of 48 megapixels, which is considered a clear advantage given the price of the phone. Additional modules allow you to take sharper photos under different conditions.

The front camera, which is used for selfies, has a resolution of 8 megapixels. A little small, but enough for the morning post on Instagram. The first and second cameras have flexible professional settings, which cannot but please the eye of the photographer.

Additional modules

The phone is equipped with a fingerprint scanner on the back. This allows you to unlock the device at the touch of a finger without entering a password. In addition, the sensors used are:

  • proximity;
  • light;
  • accelerometer;
  • gravity;
  • magnetometer.

Let’s summarize the information about the battery and connectors. The capacity of the caster battery is 5000 mA*h. There is a fast charging function, but it requires an appropriate power supply. It is noteworthy that the device supports reverse charging, which allows you to charge the same headphones from your phone. The connector for charging is type-c.


LG W41+ (W41 Plus)

The only difference from the basic version is the configuration of RAM and internal memory. This version has 4 gigabytes of RAM and 128 internal memory. The difference between the basic version and the Plus version is small, only 1,000 rubles. While the basic model costs 13490 rubles, its extended version sells for 14490 rubles. We assure you that this thousand is nothing compared to the amount of memory that will be added to the device.


LG W41 Pro.

The difference is the same – more RAM, that’s all. The manufacturers decided not to make any surprises. The Pro uses 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of free internal memory. Nevertheless, the increase in RAM contributed to a price increase of 2,000 rubles. The flagship costs 15490 rubles.


Problems and the sunset of the company’s smartphones

The company emerged in the 20th century in Korea, after the Korean War. It’s not that these events were related, it just wanted to emphasize the courage of the creator Koo In-Hwei, who dared to start a business in a barely living country. It had a different name then, but after the merger with a second company in 1995, the firm was named LG (the name of the original companies: Lucky and GoldStar).

When the company began to specialize in telephones, it chased every revolutionary idea. While others were developing a certain parameter, such as the camera, LG was coming up with and testing new ideas. Most of them crashed and suffered terrible losses. As a result, at the end of 2016, the company never had a good firmware, camera, or design. Today you only hear about this company in old stories, but certainly not on the shelves of cool stores.

The company’s history is very tragic, but it teaches one lesson: “never chase all the rabbits at once.”

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