List of adulteresses or how many exes there were

A guy’s biggest nightmare in a relationship? Finding out that his predecessor had a bigger car. A woman’s worst nightmare? Finding out that there was a predecessor at all.

Women need to know. Why they need to know. It’s not entirely clear, but judging by the frequency and variety of questions they ask, they feel a constant hunger for knowledge. They are also, for some reason, firmly convinced that it is your duty to satisfy it. It’s not so bad when it’s about what you’re currently thinking or planning to do at the weekend. Here, you can always make a maneuver to ensure that the wolf gets to eat and the sheep get to eat. The real problem arises when she becomes interested in your ex.

Honey, am I prettier than her?

You have nothing to worry about if she asks with a flirtatious look just to reassure herself that she is the most beautiful thing in the world to you. After all, it’s obvious that your current chosen one is the absolute best in every way, and that’s what she needs to hear from you. Well, unless you need to look at her before you answer that question, then you’ve already lost at the start.

However, the real complications come when she asks for details or how many girlfriends you’ve actually had. If you spout off about your exes, you’ll come across as classless and she’ll start wondering what you would have said about her if you’d broken up. On the other hand, over-indulging on the merits isn’t going to elicit salvos of enthusiasm, either.

Don’t shoot yourself in the foot

According to a recent Durex report on sexual attitudes and behaviors, the global average number of partners per person is nine; if we apply this research to Poland alone, we need to reduce it to six. So much for statistics. Real life? It varies, nevertheless, not every woman will endure a double-digit answer without blinking an eye. On the other hand, we don’t know any who despair of being the former or the latter.

No, we’re not going to encourage you to lie, rather a little diplomacy. The fact that she had legs long “from the sea to the Tatras” will certainly not interest your current girlfriend. Remember, too, that you’re not talking to your mate, so it’s a bad time to multiply the actual number by two, add a few more, and wait for compliments. Believe it, they won’t happen. The rule is simple, don’t lie if you’re not Hugh Hefner. Don’t make yourself macho, as long as. Oh no, just never do it.

Why would anyone need to know that?

You might think that no one in their right mind would want to put either themselves or the other party in such an awkward situation. And yet quite a number of people, and not only women, sometimes feel like arranging and, horror of horrors, arranging a little interrogation for their partner. What makes us take such desperate steps? Is it just ordinary human curiosity? Or maybe it’s just nosiness, or worse, an attempt to make ourselves feel better?

And no, it’s not about building artificial walls and taboos. It is quite obvious that we want to know as much as possible about our other half. But we need to ask ourselves about the limits of privacy, both our own and that of the other person. How much do I really want to know? And how much will I decide to reveal? And above all – what do we actually want to achieve with all this? Experience shows that all too often such conversations end up, depending on the couple’s preference, in wild arguments, quiet days or jealousy scenes. We’re willing to bet that’s not what it’s all about.

What was and what is not in the past is not written in the register

Everyone has some kind of past and almost everyone has been in a few relationships, whether more or less serious – it just so happens that man is a herd animal. It would be foolish to pretend that you have never, with anyone before and all that. And she not so much has to accept this, but actually already knows it perfectly well.

If you absolutely must talk about previous partners, do it wisely. It’s not a bragging contest or a time-wasting insult. Confessions and ashes will certainly not lead anywhere. At most it will lead to a mutual loss of respect. Excessive discussion of the topic may cause a reaction that has little to do with satisfaction, and conversely, if someone is nervous and panicky about avoiding a conversation, sooner or later distrust will be aroused. People have a past, and it’s time to simply start respecting it.

The pot calling the kettle black

And in closing, let’s look at the issue from the other side. Are you sometimes tempted to ask how many guys she’s actually had before you? It’s okay, it happens to everyone. Would you like to know exactly how she met that Tom she was with ten years ago at sailing camp and if it’s definitely over? Then we invite you to read our article again.

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