LOST.DIR – what is the folder on my Android flash drive, microSD card

LOST.DIR - what is the folder on Android, flash drive, can I delete it?

LOST.DIR what is the folder on my flash drive, can I delete it or not? It is noteworthy that such a directory can be created automatically not only on the USB drive, but also on the microSD card installed in a mobile device, camera and other equipment.

Features of LOST DIR directory

Unknown directory.

Often it is not paid attention to until its size starts to increase, taking up more and more space in memory. The question immediately arises – what is this object for, is it realistic to clear it?

Lost dir folder in Android memory

Imagine the situation: You were copying data from a flash drive to the drive, and then suddenly decided to remove the drive. Or you wanted to remove the card from your phone while the mobile gadget was running. If at that moment the system performed some data exchange with the media, then the backup storage is created in the LOST.DIR folder on Android or Windows in order to save the actions performed.

By the way, in the process of replacing the SIM, synchronization with the connected Google account is temporarily disabled. But when a new “sim card” is put in, the previously saved numbers are automatically restored in a few seconds. This becomes possible thanks to LOST.DIR, where the necessary data is written in advance.

Initially the directory is not created, so not all users will be able to find it after reading this article. It will appear as soon as you first remove the memory card.

Removing microSD

If we are talking about Windows and a USB flash drive, this folder appears in the following situations:

  • File copying/moving was performed, which was interrupted by the user or a system failure;
  • The OS was accessing the drive (e.g. some program was running from the media), but Windows froze/rebooted.

Where is it located? Often the object is created in the root of the drive, but the forums describe rare cases where the directory also appears in sub-elements.

What is the LOST.DIR folder on Android and can it be removed?

Looking at the properties, you can notice that the size of the data is sometimes several gigabytes. The value depends on various factors, so it would be wrong to give an exact figure.

But before cleaning, it is worth weighing the pros and cons.

It is important to understand that hidden files can contain a list of user settings. Removing them may cause a reset of some programs installed on the microSD.

Therefore, it is necessary to look through the contents carefully beforehand. Make sure that there is nothing important for you there. After all, if you delete an application, it’s a simple task to install it again from the Play Store. But personal adjustments will be lost forever.

A prime example: I was using an expense/income tracker on my phone, added my categories, bank cards. Then I deleted LOST.DIR and found that all the changes I had made to the utility were gone. It was like I was running the app for the first time.

If you are sure of your intentions, however, there should be no difficulty in cleaning it up. You can open the file manager on your smartphone, find the unwanted object and perform the deletion. Or we connect the device to the computer with a cable, look through the contents of the “card” in Windows Explorer and remove everything unnecessary.

Since at the beginning of the review we found out that we are dealing with some kind of backup storage, the question arises – how to restore information from it? This is done automatically at the first request of the program that accessed the drive at the time of the crash/extraction. If you accidentally “wiped” the directory without thinking about the consequences, a special software will help to restore it.

Here we have figured out – LOST.DIR what is the Android folder. I hope that our publication was useful and informative.

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