Lost phone – how to find it?

Smartphones have long been more than just a device used for making calls. We store important data, photos, videos and even documents on them. Losing the device often equals with losing a lot of important materials for us. Fortunately, there are ways out of this situation.

However, before we get down to the business of locating our lost, it’s worth focusing on the security features of the phone. It is thanks to a well-configured device that we prolong the chance of finding it and, above all, prevent data loss too quickly. Among the most common ways to protect your smartphone is to set up locks. Nowadays, there are many ways to lock the display, among them the most common are PIN code and fingerprint reading. Some phones also offer facial image authentication, but it’s a good idea to make sure this feature works properly beforehand.

Among other methods of securing our smartphone, additional applications that block and encrypt access to important data contained in the internal memory are also popular. Some companies also offer additional insurance in case of hardware loss.

These methods, of course, will not protect us from losing our phone, but effectively allow to keep our privacy from the eyes of a thief or finder.

Basic advice

But what if we are already sure that our phone is lost? First of all, there is no need to panic. According to statistics, the average user loses sight of their phone even several times a day. In such cases it often helps to simply – call our number from the phone of a friend or colleague. When we have a loud ringtone set, there is a good chance that we will find our lost.

However, if we can’t hear the phone and a search of recently visited places is unsuccessful, there is a risk that our smartphone has been misappropriated. It is then necessary to use external applications that will allow us to locate our device.

Android system

A quite efficient system of locating the device has phones using the Android system. In this case, the smartphone uses a Google application that allows you to perform several useful actions directly on our lost equipment. To do this, we have to log in through the browser on our Google account, and then go to the “Find phone” option. After successful verification, we will be able to call the lost phone with full volume for 5 minutes, lock the phone with an additional password or remotely delete all data. There is also the most important feature – location, thanks to which Google will show us where the smartphone is currently located.

Unfortunately, for all these options to be available, several factors are required. First of all, the lost device must be turned on, and have the “location access” item activated. Our smartphone must also be officially logged into Google Play.

The situation is similar with devices with the famous apple in the logo. On the iOS system we also have the possibility to track our phone, this one, however, for this purpose uses the iCloud application. As in the previous case, also here we have to go to the page, and then click the “Find iPhone” option.

After selecting the device, it will display its location on the map. If the phone is nearby, you can use the option to play audio on it. If that doesn’t work, we can set an additional lock password, erase the data completely, or even send a message to the thief or finder.

External applications

In order to trace the smartphone, additional applications can also help. These largely allow you to identify your phone by sending the right signal to it. The only requirement is that the lost is connected to the Internet, such as via Wi-Fi.

External software also allows us to perform many actions with our lost hardware. Apart from sending messages, calling, turning on vibrations, editing contacts, messages or deleting data, we can also take a picture of the person currently using it.

Using additional applications is usually associated with a small fee and setting up an account. However, there are programs that offer considerable location capabilities without charging us a fee.

Beware of fake websites!

In addition to these tracking systems, it is also easy to find websites on the Internet that offer to locate phones by entering the phone number. However, we warn you against such solutions. Most of these portals offer help in exchange for setting up a paid account or sending an SMS. Most often it is connected with considerable costs and unfortunately nothing more. If we want to track our phone using GPS, it is best to go to the network operator for this purpose. Although tracking your phone in this way is also associated with a fee, there is no risk of fraud or entering your number in advertising databases.

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