Mafia Discord: top 10 best servers for the game, descriptions and how to join

Messenger Discord is designed for communication between players in online raids. The exchange of voice and text messages allows you to speed up the process. For “Mafia” in the program Discord created dozens of channels. It is important to familiarize yourself with the main parameters of each and choose the right community to register (interaction, information exchange, team search).



The community is available at the link Features of this Discord server:

  • there are more than 1000 people in the community;
  • It is considered international, so the language used is English;
  • on the page you can see general information about the group (reviews, tags, list of creators, etc.);
  • communication is possible on the game “Mafia” and others (“Dota2”, “CS GO”, “Valorant” and others).

Attention! To join a group, press the “Login” button next to the icon. The Discord window will then open and you will need to enter your username and password from your existing account.


Neko Family

You can join the resource at Features:

  • More than 20,000 members;
  • Tags: anime, anime, events, mafia, bunker;
  • a brief description from the administrator;
  • number of bump points;
  • button “Login” and some other data.

The site also provides feedback from users of the server, which is useful to read to make a choice (to clarify the advantages and disadvantages of the server).


Fluffy homies.

The link to add is The site is standard – a collection of generalized information on the community, the “Login” key. The group assumes communication on the theme of the game “Mafia”, other gaming platforms and movies. There are over 4,000 users in the community, and the feedback is mostly positive.



The group is relatively new, but has already gathered over 2,500,000 followers. Community Russian-speaking, categories – RTS, games (including various board games).

Warning! Some members prefer to play through audio and video – via webcam. This community helps to find like-minded people for this kind of gaming action.

Fun server Natashka 2.0

You can join the resource at The link is standard, and the page provides general information about the group:

  • tags (mafia, board games, co-op, socializing, chill);
  • The language used is Russian;
  • the community is recent, with about 300 participants.

Friendliness in communication, discussion of various board games (chess, own game, spoiled phone and others) is welcome.


Snail’s drool

The link to join is The list of tags includes chatting, using voice chat, anime, flirting. The group is Russian-speaking, falls under the categories of anime, games and manga.

Attention! To find a server on a particular subject, use special search services. For example –мафия. It is enough for the user to enter the appropriate tag, and the program will put up a list of possible options.



Quite a new community, the number of users – so far no more than 1000. Refers to the category “Games”. The server is fully dedicated to the game “Mafia”, available at The page shows the general characteristics of the community, as well as a button to join (located under the group icon).


Mafia GalaxY.

The group works at The resource is fairly new, the number of members does not exceed 1,000 yet. The group encourages friendly communication, for insults and such – ban.


Cowgirl Movement [RU].

Information can be found at The site is standard – listing tags, categories, description from the administrators. Features:

  • games – “Among Us”, “JackBox”, “Mafia”;
  • Russian-speaking group;
  • participants – not more than 1000;
  • Feedback (mostly positive).

Note: Administrators are constantly working to improve the service – added new bots (robotic assistants that simplify some actions, provide an entertainment element).



Community assumes communication on the theme of the game, discussion of films, humor – a pleasant pastime and communication. You can become a member by going to On the site you can read the parameters and characteristics of the server, the reviews of other users. To enter the list of players, you must go through the registration procedure on Discord and click “Login”.

The game “Mafia” attracts thousands of participants. They play offline and online. To find like-minded people, you need to use the list of servers and search pages Discord.

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