Male stereotypes behind the wheel

We love them. They allow us to understand the world and assess the situation more easily. I am of course talking about stereotypes. There are plenty of them in every field. They are used by women and – of course – by men. This time we took under a microscope stereotypes that persist among men who sit behind the wheel of their cars.

When driving, there’s no time for long thoughts. Reflexes and the speed of your reactions are the deciding factors. You must rapidly assess the potential dangers posed by other road users. Road stereotypes “help” in this assessment.

We have collected the most important ones, which Polish drivers use while driving, as well as a few that are inextricably linked with the car in the country on the Vistula.
And one more thing: when reading this text, we advise you to keep a healthy distance. Our characters are fictional, and any resemblance of persons or events is obviously unintentional and purely coincidental.

A woman at the wheel

A word of advice – steer clear of the woman behind the wheel.

Company car

Just one look and you know everything. You are dealing with a guy in a company car. – Come on, you salesman! – Where do you park, salesman? – we complain when a car registered in a company name causes us harm on the road.
How can we recognize it? You know – a “truck” grille near the rear window, white body (no need to pay extra for paint) and black bumpers or stickers on all body parts. Skilled traffic detectives know that a car with “Warsaw plates” is a sure sign of a company car. “One lawyer took Octavia for a lease. But he won’t cheat me!”.

Kidney donors


Weekend. A road near a market or church. A car, probably bought at Pewex, moves slowly along the road. It is more than 20 years old, but has hardly any mileage. It can be a cargo van, a “favorite”, sometimes a Nexia or an Astra classic. Behind the wheel is an older man. For a seasoned connoisseur of Polish roads a warning light goes on in his head. You have just been run over by a racial “fungus”. As is often the case with mushrooms, you will often recognize it by its hat.
Grandpa clings to the steering wheel, the car roars mercilessly because the engine is running too low. What do you do? Of course, you honk at the clarinet, calling him a name.

LPG and diesel

Comfortable journey is suddenly disturbed by the unpleasant smell of a gas stove? Probably a car with LPG installation is driving somewhere next to you. And who installs these systems? It is known that the poor. A real man has petrol in his veins and that’s it!
The same goes for diesel cars. “Diesel engines are for senior citizens” – you think to yourself when you see a “petrol engine” and, smiling under your breath, you press the gas pedal harder. You can go wild, because you have a “sequence” in your car. But this does not count, because it was installed before you bought the car. No one will know!

Lorry drivers

Sweaty, with beards that remember the previous regime. They do not care about traffic regulations. Savoir-vivre is probably associated with cheap French wine from a discount store. On the road they spread panic and gouge half a meter deep ruts in the road. They think of themselves as heroes from American movies about brave truckers.
There is no way out of the TIR drivers. You have to stay away from them and avoid them in an even wider arc than the woman behind the wheel.


The young angry

But that doesn’t change the fact that the truck could also use a glass door for a better effect. What for? What do you mean? To better display the stripes on your tracksuit.


Once more popular, but still encountered. A “green leaf” stuck on the windshield means a novice driver, in short, a total novice. Of course, our kindness does not allow us to pass by such a road phenomenon indifferently. With the horn and simple soldierly words we “straighten up” the delinquent, so that he quickly becomes accustomed to the laws of the urban jungle.

Polish driver

You move with dignity, but woe betide those who step on your toes. You have never been in an accident, and if you have, it wasn’t your fault. To prove it, you can show a full range of discounts on third party liability. The world would be a better place if all those idiots drove half as well as you do.

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