Mantaro bot Discord: description and functionality, commands, how to download and configure

In order to simplify the work with some of the functionality of Discord, various bots are used, such as Mantaro. Before you connect the robot to the application, you need to study the purpose, types of commands and tags, instructions for downloading and setting up the Mantaro bot for the Discord messenger. In addition, it is important to determine in advance the tasks that will be solved with the help of a separate assistant.

What the bot is for

Discord program robots help the user to make the server more interesting for participants or easier for the administrator. Some of the functions are:

  • Participation in games (e.g., Pokemon, with numbers, others);
  • competitions with currency items;
  • the use of standard bot modes (changing the sound level, sending messages, etc.).

Warning. Mantaro – includes many different options. It is considered optimal for discord in Discord. Users can choose to team up or exclude members.


Mantaro bot tags

Additional tags are used to find and explore the available bot functionality. Mantaro works with the following codes:

  • anime;
  • economy;
  • fun;
  • role-playing;
  • communication.

According to the tags, the user determines the main directions of the robotic assistant. It is also possible to select several app options for identical functions and select the appropriate one.


Control commands and functionality

The app works with a standard set of commands and some number of unique combinations. The following are often used:

  • ̴˃help – to get help from bot tech support (average operator response time is 24 hours);
  • ̴˃lang – request helps determine the language (robot assistant works with several variants, including – Russian);
  • profile or bal – allows you to get acquainted with the functionality of the bot;
  • pet – creates a pet;
  • game pokemon – launches the game (add-ons – number, trivia, others);
  • help marry, help waifu – activates the search for homeless people, the marriage system.

Warning. When launching commands it is necessary to use an additional prefix – ̴˃. If entering such a set of characters is inconvenient, you can type @Mantaro. Otherwise, action requests will not work. To change the characters, use the “prefix” query.


How to download and add a bot

The Mantaro robotic assistant is installed on the server in a standard way. Instructions for users:

  • go to the official page of the bot at;
  • read the recommendations and description;
  • click on the line “Click on me if you want to add to the server”;
  • log in (enter the username and password of the Discord account).

After that, the user needs to configure the utility. In some cases, the user uses setup recommendations as he gets to know the bot.


Setting up

To ensure that the robotic assistant performs the proposed functionality in full, it is recommended to perform the following actions:

  • launch Discord, go to the server for which the bot will be activated;
  • Type a support request in the live chat;
  • Learn about the features of the program;
  • to test the proposed commands.

In the process, the user can add desired music, create playlists by theme or artist, identify stray players, or move created groups of players.

The robotic utility Mantaro is a full-fledged assistant in the discord on the Diskord messenger servers. The functionality of the software is used by more than 45 million users. Download and install is not difficult, instructions are suitable for novice users.

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