Men’s BBQ. Which barbecue to choose for the May Day?

Barbecue is the favorite form of leisure time for 66 percent of Poles. From year to year, however, many trends change, and with coal barbecues began to compete with gas and electric. How to choose the equipment to suit our habits and needs?

More than 60 years ago in America, George Stephen created the prototype of the spherical grill, which began a new era of grilling. Thanks to it, you did not have to worry about the weather or the fact that the food would be burnt. The barbecue revolution quickly captured the hearts of Americans and then the rest of the world.

This is confirmed by studies according to which barbecue is one of the favorite forms of spending time outdoors for as many as two thirds of Poles. So in stores there is a whole bunch of equipment for grilling, but how to choose the best equipment, suitable for individual needs?

An American manufacturer of barbecue grills conducted so-called blind tests, which showed that the taste of food cooked on a charcoal, gas and electric barbecue does not differ. This means that it does not matter the source of temperature, but above all the maintenance of proper grilling conditions. Before you decide to buy the right model of the barbecue, you should consider how often you will barbecue, in what circumstances and in how large a group.

Which grill?

The most popular are still charcoal grills. They are gaining popularity among people who like traditional grilling on charcoal or briquettes and the accompanying supervision of the level of embers and how the food is baked. Modern grills have a thermometer in the lid and a system of vents that are used to control the temperature over the grate and a system that makes it easy to dispose of ash.

Gas grills are becoming more and more popular because of the quick time it takes to reach the optimum temperature. In addition, the surface of the grill is usually larger than in the case of charcoal grills. In many models the grate is also two-level, so that the grilled dishes can be put on the shelf, so that they do not lose temperature before serving.

Electric grills belong to the last category. They are the easiest to use – the temperature is regulated by steplessly increasing or decreasing power. This is excellent equipment for use on balconies and terraces.

When buying a grill, it is worth paying attention to what the equipment is equipped with. With a suitable lid, barbecuing will be possible in almost any conditions. Built-in thermometer will allow you to control the state of prepared food, corrosion protection will make the grill will serve for years, as well as a chrome-plated grate that will ensure long use. Ash removal system, ventilation, handles and warranty – these are also worth asking about when buying a grill.

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