Mi Credit what this program is and whether it is needed on Android MIUI

Mi Credit - what's the app on your Xiaomi phone

If you are the owner of smartphone Xiaomi, then in the list of preinstalled software you must have noticed the element Mi Credit – what is this program, is it necessary, how to remove it from the memory? This will be discussed in this manual.

Mi credit

Mi Credit – why on the Xiomi phone?

The most interesting thing is that on the desktop, in the menu – this object is nowhere listed. But in the list of software it can be seen. It looks as follows:

Mi credit app details

But this is the case only for the firmware MIUI Global version (Global). If we consider a mobile device created exclusively for the Chinese market (as well as India), then Mi Credit – is almost the most important element for owners of Xiaomi technology.

That is, so far we have been able to find out that the utility is integrated into Android, but there is no use for it in our region. However, if you use “cloud storage” Mi Cloud, then you may have noticed – when the free space runs out (provided only 5 GB), you are offered to buy additional gigabytes for Hong Kong dollars (about 9 rubles per 1 HKD) or a special currency – Mi credits.

Buying extra GB in the Mi cloud

So there is a virtual currency unit with which you can pay for various Xiaomi services. Unfortunately, this scheme does not work in our country. But in China available Mi Market store all sorts of “pluses” – themes, screensavers, ringtones and other things for the visual design of MIUI.

Xiaomi market

Where to get this means of payment?

There are a lot of exchangers on the Internet, but you should only trust certified sellers. Here, for example, is one of them – micredits.com. Page in English, but the essence is simple – select the desired amount, enter your Mi ID (it can be viewed in the account settings on the phone).

Exchanging dollars for Mi credits

Please note that you will be able to pay with the electronic currency only if you have Chinese firmware on the Android and the corresponding region must be indicated in the settings.

If you want to go deeper into the subject, it is even possible to download the Xiaomi Market application (an analogue of Google Play) on your smartphone, where it is also possible to pay with Mi Credits.

Are Mi Credits and Forum Credits the same thing?

Users who are registered on the official MIUI forum and have installed special software on the phone may have noticed that for creating topics, comments, likes, daily logins and other actions, internal currency is credited.

MIUI Forum Credits

Many people confuse it with real currency, saving in the hope that later they can buy something with it, or exchange it for real money (withdraw it to a bank card). In fact – this is a misconception. The more credits you have on the forum, the higher your rating, you have access to additional privileges, etc.

Mi Credit can be removed?

Obviously, the program is of little use at the moment. Therefore, it is quite logical to want to get rid of the software, which does not take up much space.

Unfortunately, you can’t remove the software in the standard way. It is integrated into the firmware. There are special utilities for the computer, which allow “taking down” all the unnecessary stuff. But there is a risk of damaging the firmware. Therefore I can not recommend such solutions.

The second option is to Get root-right. Although here also not everything is smooth, but if you find a proven instruction for your model and do everything step by step, then there is nothing to be afraid of. “Root” allows you to install many programs that were not previously supported, including uninstallers of system applications.

Below you can watch several videos from our Youtube channel, which will be useful for owners of Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 with QUALCOMM Snapdragon 625 processor.

I hope this review helped to understand the topic – Mi Credit – what this program is and whether you need it.

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