Microsoft CEO: Orwell’s 1984 could become a reality as early as 2024

Artificial intelligence technologies are developing at such a rapid pace that politicians and the world’s largest companies are already using them to their advantage. We need to open our eyes and react before it’s too late.

All indications are that Brad Smith, the head of Microsoft, is right. Just take a look around at the times we live in. “If we don’t enact legislation now to protect the public in the future, we will sadly find that the technology is rushing forward so fast that in a short time it will be too late to stop it,” – Smith said.

It may seem that if someone has nothing on their conscience, they should not fear surveillance. Meanwhile, human rights activists point out that such powerful power, which is based on absolute knowledge about every person, in the hands of politicians or corporations, can lead to a situation in which inconvenient people, including companies, will be persecuted or liquidated when they threaten the interests of influential people or just global corporations.

The president of Microsoft himself does not hide that artificial intelligence technologies and various applications in smartphones are used to collect as much data about us as possible, not to help us find specific content on the global network as we think, but to provide the most powerful companies with information about whether someone threatens their further expansion with their ideas or actions.

“I am constantly reminded of George Orwell’s lessons from his book 1984. It involved a government that saw everything everyone did and heard everything everyone said all the time. Well, it didn’t happen in 1984, but if we’re not careful, it could happen in 2024.” – Smith warned.

Recently the EU authorities announced that they want to protect citizens from permanent surveillance served to us by corporations and government agencies of individual countries. A new law on this issue is expected to come into force soon. Unfortunately, experts believe that this is just a cover for activities that we have not even dreamed of. Since politicians and influential people are also under surveillance, they now want to introduce a new law that will give them protective immunity. Meanwhile, ordinary people will be monitored more than before.

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