Microsoft for nonprofits

Microsoft has announced the launch of NGO Connection, an online resource for thousands of nonprofit organizations around the world.

Microsoft for nonprofits

What is NGO Connection all about? The service will support non-profit organizations in more effective use of modern technologies to achieve their social goals. The platform promotes collaboration, networking and resource sharing among NGOs around the world.

The portal is available at:

The primary goal of the platform is to provide convenient and easy access to modern technology resources, real-world examples for nonprofits, and tools to share knowledge and build online communities. With plain language, devoid of technical terminology, the NGO Connection portal makes it easier for NGOs to access new technologies and services from Microsoft The NGO Connection portal is available in English, Arabic, French, German, Russian and Spanish.

– Whether a nonprofit is seeking access to software, interested in online collaboration with other organizations working on similar projects, or wants to engage with Microsoft and other partners on key activities, the NGO Connection portal provides access to the resources needed to achieve their goals, said Pamela Passman, vice president of global corporate operations at Microsoft.

Microsoft has been providing technology support programs to nonprofit organizations for many years. As part of this initiative, NGOs acquire software grants that help them achieve their goals and work for the public good. On the NGO Connection portal NGOs can exchange their experiences in using modern IT tools. One of the organizations that took advantage of this opportunity is the Open Door Association.

The “Open Door” Association, which exists since 1995, helps the homeless, the disabled and the unemployed. The association’s program includes social therapy, psychological assistance, and social support. At the same time, the organization offers computer courses. – Thanks to a software grant from Microsoft we can teach our clients the skills they need on the job market. Computer training participants learn to use Excel, Word, Access and PowerPoint. But it is not only about finding a job but also about personal development of the participants – says Michał Umiński, IT specialist, the Open Door Association.

The NGO Connection portal also makes it easy for NGOs to share proven procedures and case studies. These entities can participate in online forums and establish a dialogue on effective use of technology and exchange of tools to solve common problems. The primary goal is to help NGOs connect their needs to available IT solutions.

– We hope, that the portal will contribute to fuller utilization of the non-profit organizations’ potential, increase their efficiency, effectiveness and consistency in helping the socially excluded – said Paulina Smaszcz-Kurzajewska, PR Lead at Microsoft Poland.

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