Microsoft Inspire 2018 – everyone is betting on the Cloud

We live in the era of client-server architecture, networking, mobility and the cloud, but the most important things are yet to come – said Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, during this year’s Microsoft Inspire conference, held in Las Vegas. There was no shortage of recaps, plans for the next few months and tough topics.

Inspiration, knowledge, motivation – that, in a nutshell, is how you can describe what happened in recent days in Las Vegas. The event was an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences with partners from all over the world. Not only did we learn about new solutions, but also we confirmed our belief that the Polish market can benefit from the digital transformation driven by the cloud – explains Daniel Kaczmarczyk, Cloud Sales Director at Senetic, which is Microsoft SME Partner of the Year.

The event did not lack difficult and important topics. Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, emphasized the importance of responsibility in the creation of new technologies, their role in shaping the reality of people around the world and privacy as one of the fundamental human rights.

Smart cloud

At Inspire, it was repeatedly emphasized that Microsoft is focused on defining the concept of the modern workplace, business applications, infrastructure, data and artificial intelligence. At the center of the technology is to be the human being and their experience. During the conference, Satya Nadella highlighted the scale of the Azure platform’s global infrastructure, which includes 54 regions of service delivery, availability in 140 countries and up to 1.6 Pbps of bandwidth. No other cloud provider can boast such a result. In the third quarter of the fiscal year (the first of calendar year 2018) alone, the Azure cloud grew sales by 93 percent. This is a clear indication of the direction more and more enterprises are taking. Microsoft’s CEO enumerated organizations using Azure, Azure Stack, Azure Sphere, Azure IoT or Microsoft 365, including Chevron, Walmart, McDonald’s, Toyota, Walt Disney and Heathrow Airport.

The future starts now

The Inspire conference showed how important artificial intelligence is to Microsoft. The level it achieves compared to human perception and language capabilities is staggering. The company wants every industry to rely on AI in the future, whether it’s commerce, healthcare or agriculture. – Our shared goal is to make these breakthroughs and spread them through the tools we build and the skills and services of our partners – emphasized Microsoft CEO.

Work can be even easier

The manufacturer announced several changes in Microsoft 365, including free version of the Teams service, intelligent event handling capabilities, and analytics solutions that facilitate teamwork. He also announced new elements of cloud solutions and data management (including Azure Data Box Disk, Azure Virtual WAN or Azure Firewall). The CEO demonstrated on his own example how Microsoft 365 facilitates his daily work, emphasizing the role of the package in transforming the functioning of modern organizations. He also informed about the development of the Dynamics 365 platform combining CRM and ERP functions, which recorded a 65% increase in sales in the last three quarters.

Technology shapes reality

Another edition of the event showed the scale of the impact of modern technologies on the image of the modern world. – Thanks to the event we know how Microsoft solutions change the lives of people in different parts of the globe. It is a powerful ecosystem that functions thanks to the work of millions of people, not to mention the recipients. I am glad that we can be a part of it – sums up Daniel Kaczmarczyk from Senetic.

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