Microsoft Series S is now official. Price and specifications of the “weaker” brother

The Redmond-based giant has finally stopped pretending it doesn’t know what’s going on and has officially confirmed that it will be releasing two Xbox consoles as part of the next generation.

We’ve known about the launch of Xbox Series X for quite some time now, as Microsoft has been bragging for months about its capabilities, design, or the games coming to it (which is a bit over the top, but marketing is marketing). So we already know all the details about the specifications, design and the famous GPU computing power at the level of 12 teraflops, and to complete the information we lack only a concrete release date, because the corporation has only confirmed November and the price – here there is no official information, but leaks from reliable sources suggest 499 USD. In short, it remains only to put money down and wait for the debut – not what happened with Xbox Series S.

Because even though a weaker variant of the console codenamed Lockhart has been in the media reports for a long time, and last month pictures of the pad box for the next-generation Xbox leaked online, which directly says the name Xbox Series S, Microsoft has been silent as if under a spell. Until now, because when photos of this version of the Xbox, its price, expected debut date, and specifications appeared on Twitter, the company had no choice but to officially confirm the console’s existence. And so, the Xbox Series S will hit the market on November 10 (it seems that this is also the release date of the Xbox Series X, but this is not confirmed by Microsoft) at a price of $299, which in our country will translate into 1349 PLN.

The revealed graphics show a device with a subdued design, which on the one hand strongly resembles its more powerful brother, and on the other brings to mind the current generation, because, like the current “eska” is white. So we are dealing with a cuboid, whose simple form is broken only by a large black circular grill in the front/top (depends on the layout of the console, which can stand and lie). The reveal also shows that the Xbox Series S is 60% smaller than the X variant, for as Microsoft boasts these are “next-generation performance in the smallest Xbox console”.

Unfortunately, there are some doubts about this next generation, because from the specifications we should rather expect something only slightly better than the current one, as there are many indications that when it comes to processing power, the smaller Xbox will be three times weaker. Maybe that’s why this time Microsoft skipped the aspect it usually brags about and only stated within the specs that the console will be driveless, so entirely based on digital content and will offer a 512GB SSD (far too small in the context of digital game releases), 120fps playability at 1440p, DirectX Ray Tracing, 4K content playback, upscale games to 4K, variable rate shading, variable refresh rate and ultra-low latency mode. Disappointing? Not really, especially if we assume that this is an Xbox for occasional gamers, not experts who expect the best, so they will certainly reach for the version Xbox Series X (at the end a small tip on the price of this console, because at the same conversion rate as the smaller one, you should expect 2250 PLN).

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