Minister Szyszko on leave

Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek today vacationed Communications Minister Tomasz Szyszko in connection with NIK’s letter about irregularities in the ministry. “Fakty” TVN reported that NIK has sent a notice to the prosecutor’s office about committing a crime by one of Minister Szyszko’s former advisors. He is accused of corrupt practices. The prime minister says that the minister’s leave does not prejudge anyone’s guilt.

Minister Szyszko on leave

According to former NIK chairman Janusz Wojciechowski, “the main allegations (in the case of Communications Minister Tomasz Szyszko) are that the procedure for granting telecommunications licenses and permits did not follow a tender procedure and used fairly arbitrary procedures.”

In TVN’s “Facts” Wojciechowski said that “there were no clear criteria for granting such telecommunications permits. – The allegations also relate to the ministry’s commissioning of work of a consultative nature under contract of mandate or work contracts to ministry employees, he added.

NIK’s allegations against the Communications Ministry also include improper supervision of the tender procedures for UMTS telephony. This tender was supervised by an advisor to minister Tomasz Szyszko.

– Since last fall, NIK has been auditing the Ministry of Communications’ supervision of Telekomunikacja Polska SA and Poczta Polska. The audit noted irregularities in tenders, including for UMTS, NIK spokeswoman Małgorzata Pomianowska said today.

Pomianowska said that after the audit was completed NIK did not file charges against a specific person, but addressed them to the ministry. NIK notified the prosecutor’s office and UOP about the irregularities.

Pomianowska assured that during the audit NIK did not rely on any anonymous sources, but only on the results of the conducted investigation.

– If these allegations are in any way confirmed, I will immediately take further action, but I would also like to stress that neither this letter, which I had access to, nor minister Szyszko’s leave, in any way determine anyone’s guilt,” the prime minister told Polish journalists in Madrid today.

Government spokesman Krzysztof Luft later explained that the allegations are based on reports by a NIK official, who reserves his anonymity and claims that “allegedly” there is a corruption mechanism at the Communications Ministry based on an advisor to the minister, who has no longer worked there since December.

“After becoming acquainted with the content of the letter of NIK vice-president Jacek Uczkiewicz, who, referring to anonymous sources, reports on irregularities ‘allegedly’ occurring in the Ministry of Communications, I decided that despite the objectively undocumented facts of the allegations, it is necessary to immediately clarify the situation,” Szyszko wrote in a statement. – Szyszko wrote in a statement.

Szyszko said he would ask the Prosecutor General to clarify the matter as soon as possible. – The allegations do not concern me, but I have agreed with the Prime Minister on my leave,” Szyszko explained.

To clarify his statement, government spokesman Krzysztof Luft said that these are not post-control conclusions resulting from the Supreme Chamber of Control, but only a letter from the vice-president to the district prosecutor.

“Such an unspecific accusation cannot, of course, prejudge either the case or anyone’s responsibility,” Luft said. – Luft said

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