Miyamoto reveals further Wii secrets

Miyamoto reveals further Wii secrets

Shigeru Miyamoto, one of the main designers and directors of the Japanese company Nintendo, spoke at the Nintendo Dream magazine on the occasion of a special material celebrating the tenth anniversary of the magazine.

The main intention of the fathers of the upcoming console was to make their new device attractive to entire families – revealed in the introduction one of the main authors of the project. According to him, the developers of the game console initially had just such a goal, but it faded over time when games “lost their basic nature of pure entertainment.”

Nintendo initially asked itself, “What would make a game console something that everyone would want to have in their home?” They decided on a device that doesn’t scare, that anyone can operate.

The name “nunchuck” given to the pluggable second part of the motion-sensor-equipped Wii controller was born from its resemblance to the famous white weapon, nunchaku batons. The developers have subsequently verified that such a trademark name is not registered and can be used freely.

Nevertheless, the term will not refer to all of the gadgets that the basic Wii-mot can be expanded with. Additional accessories such as guns, for example, will appear at a later date. Miyamoto revealed that these extensions will definitely be cheaper than the basic controller itself, which is saturated with technology. In addition, the company is still considering whether to include a microphone in addition to the speaker and vibration.

In addition, Nintendo is working on a yet undisclosed game in which four players will play with a single controller. Players will pass the gauge to each other in the order that the Wii-lot itself will give via the speaker.

Miyamoto, commenting on his impressions after E3, said that it’s difficult to use regular, traditional controllers again after hours of using the Wii-mote: “It’s hard to go back to a two-handed instrument, you’re not able to move your hands and it all ends up feeling like a lack of freedom. Anyway, I have no intention to speak negatively about the current controllers. At the end of the day, we’re making a standard controller ourselves in the form of a classic joypad. In his opinion, some games, such as the new ‘F-Zero’, will work even better with this device instead of the Wii Remote.

What’s more – you’ll be able to change the setting of the basic Wii controller and the nunchuck in the console’s options, depending on whether you’re right- or left-handed.

Shigeru Miyamoto is currently working on four projects: an action adventure game with RPG elements “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess”, a new 3D platformer “Mario Galaxy”, a set of mini sports games “Wii Sports” and a technical demonstration of the console’s capabilities called “Remote Pointer Demo”.

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