Modern washing machine – you run it through your smartphone!

Modern washing machines not only guarantee cleanliness, but also help save water and energy, remove stains at low temperatures, even from delicate things. What’s more, many models can be easily operated from your smartphone. Check out what modern washing machines can do and choose the perfect model for you.

Currently manufactured washing machines use many modern technologies to do their job extremely quickly and efficiently, as well as economically. Samsung’s Quick Drive or Bosch’s WAY24742PL HomeProfessional, among others, deserve your attention, as they offer many solutions to make household chores easier. What can modern washing machines do?

Eco Bubble technology – washing at low temperature

The innovative Samsung Eco Bubble washing machine guarantees perfectly clean laundry, even at low temperatures. Simply add the detergent, which will turn into foam and penetrate the fabric in no time. This will remove dirt quickly and easily, as well as protect your clothes. Eco Bubble is also a way to save money, as these models draw less electricity.

Moreover, modern Samsung, LG or Gorenje washing machines automatically select the amount of water, taking into account, among other things, the number of clothes in the drum. In this simple way you can reduce your electricity and water bills.

Quick Drive technology – perfect clean in half the time

Samsung Quick Drive washing machine allows you to get perfectly clean clothes in half the time. The Korean manufacturer has created the QuickDrive™ drum with a special design – it consists of a main drum and a back plate. These two elements rotate independently of each other, and the clothes move in different directions, which removes dirt from them faster and more effectively. The right shaping reduces spinning time, while additional spray paths reduce rinsing time.

AddWash – an extra door for the forgetful

Samsung Eco Bubble is a good way to save money, but there are more energy saving solutions. Do you happen to suddenly find your child’s sock or your shirt thrown in the least expected place? You don’t have to put it in the laundry basket, because a modern Samsung washing machine is equipped with a special AddWash door in the top part of the washing machine – thanks to this solution you can add your clothes while washing.

Dark Care – protecting dark colors

After many washes, your favourite clothes often lose their color intensity and become faded. Beko appliances are equipped with the Dark Care dark color protection function. This way, fading of dark coloured cotton or synthetic fabrics will no longer be a problem. The program is designed for half of the maximum cartridge at a temperature of about 30°C-40°C. It is also worth remembering to use fluids intended for this purpose.

Vario Perfect – save up to 50% on energy

Selected Bosch washing machine models are equipped with the Vario Perfect system. You can wash your clothes either very quickly or extremely economically. There are two additional functions – TimePerfect and EcoPerfect. You can shorten the washing time by up to 65% or save energy by 50% and protect the environment. The capabilities and savings of Bosch appliances are similar to those of the Samsung Quick Drive washing machine.

Remote control – start the washing machine on your way out of work

Many washing machines, such as Samsung, Candy, LG, etc., can also be controlled remotely from your smartphone. Simply download the appropriate app to start or stop the washing from anywhere – e.g. while walking or leaving work, check the washing progress, change the programme or shorten the time, etc. In the application you can also check how much a particular washing cycle will cost.

Systems that monitor the operation of the machine and any faults are also practical. They detect problems and initially diagnose them. For example, Samsung EcoBubble uses the Smart Check function. LG, on the other hand, has created the Smart ThinQ option and LG Smart Diagnosis to monitor the operation and condition of smart washing machines.

Convenience in the world of modern technology is taking a dizzying turn – we suffer from a lack of time, so any solution to save it usually appeals to us. A modern intelligent washing machine, which is equipped with a number of additional functions is, above all, convenience. However, everyone should decide whether various innovations and remote control are really necessary for him.

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