More details about PlayStation 5. Superfast SSD from Samsung and pictures of a new pad

If we continue at this pace to learn more details, then the year of waiting for the release of the new Sony console will pass in a flash and will be very exciting. And it turns out that the latest news indicates that there is a lot to look forward to.

By now we’ve already learned a lot of information about PlayStation 5, because first a handful of official data was shared by Sony itself, and then more leaks started appearing online. This is how we found out about the digital assistant being prepared for the console, which is to help us while playing or we learned about the new DualShock, which will have adaptive triggers and haptic technology in place of the already outdated shock or.

Later, even its patent applications appeared online, revealing the expected design and more details, such as the absence of a backlit bar that heavily annoyed gamers and drained the controller’s battery in the process, the presence of a USB Type-C connector, a built-in microphone for the aforementioned assistant, and larger triggers. And while the technical drawings gave us a pretty good idea of what to expect in terms of the looks of the pad, seeing it in a photo is a whole different matter. And that’s exactly what happened, as images of the PS5 dev kits Sony sent out to developers have hit the web, which also show the new pads.

Admittedly, there’s no guarantee that this is their final form, but they seem to faithfully reflect the patent applications – at first glance, they also promise to be bigger than the previous ones and more massive, which could be a good indication of their durability, which the previous version had a big problem with. As far as the dev kits themselves are concerned, they don’t arouse such excitement, because as is well known they usually don’t resemble the final products at all. It will probably be the same here, because it is difficult to believe that Sony could bet on such a clumsy and old-school design as that presented in the pictures.

Part of the specifications of the new Japanese console has also been a mystery for a long time, and one of its most important and strongest points is supposed to be the super-fast SSD, thanks to which we almost forget about loading times, because it is supposed to provide up to tenfold reduction in loading times for games. Until now, however, it was not known what manufacturer will be responsible for its production … and now in the role of the manufacturer itself put Samsung, or at least so suggests the presentation of the corporation at the Samsung SSD Forum 2019, which took place recently in Tokyo. It was there that the Koreans stated that they were working on a new NVMe SSD solution that is being developed for the next-gen.

While Samsung didn’t explicitly announce that its drive would be coming to the PlayStation 5, you could see Sony’s console on the presentation slides, with a note that “HDD load time delays cause video and audio to be out of sync and increase lag, so an SSD is needed for proper gameplay.” As an example, the game Monster Hunter was cited, which reportedly takes 49 seconds to load with an HDD, with a SATA SSD it’s 29 seconds, and Samsung’s announced NVM SSD would further lower it significantly. Does this mean we have one less conundrum? Or maybe Samsung wants to offer its services to Sony and Microsoft in this way? Time will tell, but there’s no denying that both consoles are expected to have super-fast SSDs, and only another market giant can cope with production on such a massive scale.

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