Motozine ZN5 – appearances can be deceptive

The novelty from Motorola is a very good phone with a nice digital camera, many useful applications. It is a little surprising, because the camera case may suggest that this is a lower-end hardware.

When I saw the Motorola Motozine ZN5 in the box, I thought the company was launching a novelty phone with standards from two to three years ago. Indeed, the phone’s casing with its design is rather associated with simple cameras that we can buy for 100-200 PLN in pre-paid offer. After switching it on, I was glad that the phone calls and receives text messages at all, but that was only at first. After a few minutes, checking subsequent menu items, I realized that this phone, contrary to appearances, the richness of installed applications is not inferior to competitors from the middle price range. And in terms of reliability of operation, it resembles simple but reliable models from the early days of GSM telephony, which could not crash at all.

Reliability in all conditions

The first thing that works in favor of the new Motorola is the ease of use. Perhaps to prove this, the manufacturer has provided us with a camera with instructions in Greek! Since I don’t speak this language at even the most basic level, I was relying solely on my intuition. However, I had no problems with operating the ZN5. The ease of use goes hand in hand with a rather conservative design. It may discourage lovers of the latest gadgets from using the phone.

Indeed, it will be hard to impress a company that values looks more than functionality with this camera. A modest, matte-black casing, a rubber border at the bottom and on the back, and a protruding camera lens. It is difficult to knock someone down with such equipment. However, the contents of this old-fashioned camera can impress the most demanding phone (although no longer smartphone) users.

Perhaps the most demanding tests of the ZN5 were made by journalists of the Russian website [email protected] They decided to check what will happen to the camera when such trivial things happen to it, as falling on concrete, falling into water or even being crashed by a car. The phone easily withstood half a day in a freezer (the result – in low temperatures the battery dies faster and the display quality deteriorates), but in Poland it is not often that there are 20-degree frosts.

Simple multimedia

The basic operation of the ZN5 does not cause any problems. It is easy to make calls, send SMS and MMS. Even using mobile internet is child’s play – the phone configures itself. Networks download data from your carrier automatically. So we don’t have to either enter logins ourselves or receive configuring messages from the website.

The browser installed by the manufacturer is sufficient to view many pages, although a larger selection of software would be welcome – for example, it was not possible to install the popular and functional Opera Mini, which would be useful for better work on the Internet. For data transmission the EDGE works well. More demanding users would probably prefer UMTS, but even the slower standard is sufficient for downloading web pages. Anyway, UMTS in this phone would be of little use, since there is no provision for video calling. We can also use WiFi wireless networks, which not only gives us a choice, but also allows to sometimes reduce transmission costs.

As far as multimedia handling is concerned, the new Motorola does not disappoint either. The player of audio and video files works without any problems (Windows Media Player 11 is installed). A feature that is not yet common in cell phones is the ability to output the signal not only to the headphones but also to the TV. In the set with the phone you will find a suitable cable which connects your camera to the TV through the headphone output. However, do not expect miracles – we can play a movie at 15 frames per second – but it is always better to watch photos from a trip than on a small display of a cell phone. In addition, we also have a radio.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer has not taken care of one thing. We will not be able to use multimedia on a plane, because the device has not been provided with a mode that disables the function of connecting to the network.

Photo from Kodak

In the intention of the manufacturer a raisin, which will attract the attention of buyers, are to be well developed functions for photography. Motorola installed in the phone Kodak camera with autofocus and digital zoom. The cooperation of the two companies has worked out well. The 2560 by 1920 resolution (5 megapixel sensor) and xenon flash allow you to take pictures with quality comparable to inexpensive regular digital cameras. Of course, when it comes to recording videos, the quality is weaker. We can also take continuous or panoramic pictures, which may come in handy during holiday trips. In addition, lovers of photographing cell phones have at their disposal tools for basic editing of photos (allowing, among others, to crop, change the main parameters or color) and sending them to the Internet. The phone’s internal memory is 400 MB. In addition, it supports microSD cards with a capacity of up to 4 GB, which allows you to accumulate a large album. Ready photos can be either sent to the Internet, to a computer or to a printer (via USB or Bluetooth).

It is worth noting that although the phone comes with a disc with software for synchronization with a computer, connection via the USB port is also possible without installing drivers (checked on Windows Vista), but then without the possibility of, for example, deleting files in the cell memory.

Another plus of the ZN5 is the successful battery. If usually in phones with extended functionality we have to accept a rather short battery life, then in this model the battery allows for 5 days of quite intensive use (i.e. talking, sending text messages and connecting to the Internet). However, if we want to play even longer, we have to reckon with charging approximately every 3-4 days. A lot of energy is consumed by the digital camera. When taking a lot of pictures with flash, working time is reduced to about three days. To save energy, the manufacturer used a fairly fast screen saver (after about 8 seconds!). This can be a bit of an inconvenience when working on the Internet, as the display sometimes goes out before a page has had time to load, but you’ll have to get used to this shortcoming, as there is no way to change the time the screensaver turns on.

It could be cheaper

“Motozine ZN5 is an excellent quality cell phone and modern camera” – advertises its new product by Motorola. We half concede the point, because as a cell phone the ZN5 is made very solid indeed. Durability and reliability combined with great functionality make this model one to give a high rating. The question of the camera will be more debatable. The fact that the quality of the pictures taken places it at the highest level among photographing mobiles, but you also have to keep in mind that among digital cameras, gigantic advances have been made recently and 5 megapixels is no revelation.

However, this is true for traditional cameras, as the built-in ones in mobiles still generally have 3.2 megapixels. Still, I’m not sure if the new Motorola will manage to find users who will appreciate its qualities. The camera appeared on the market already in June, but only in China. Then it was the turn of India. The phone is on its way to Europe from the East to the West. It is already on sale in Russia, but has not yet appeared in Poland. Here we can buy it at most over the Internet on a few sites at a price of 1000-1100 PLN. However, this is an exorbitant price for a device of this class and we can only hope that the introduction of ZN5 to the official distribution will bring this phone to the level of the middle price range.

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