MTS interactive TV: what it is and how to connect, tariffs and available options

Interactive TV from MTS is an opportunity to change the concept of traditional television and open up new advantages: TV program guide, widgets with weather and news, an archive with previous broadcasts. You won’t be bored any more – movies, TV series, sports and world events are always at your fingertips now! Now you only need to understand the details and, using the instructions below, connect to the new generation of television!

What is it

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is a digital television standard used by telecommunications operators for distribution of video content. In addition to high-quality channels, IP-TV is equipped with additional tools, such as “TV Guide”, which allows you to view the program guide and interact with the broadcast content. The same movies are easy to stop, rewind, or add to the archive to watch the next day.



An additional advantage over the already familiar, cable TV is high-quality sound that supports, among other things, 5.1-channel audio technology. As a result, you won’t need to look at the specialized services for new movies to watch at your home theater anymore – MTS will provide you with content for a long time!

For which TV sets this service is suitable

Digital TV from MTS is distributed in a format of “Satellite TV” (you’ll need an antenna and a set of network equipment) and “Digital”, where you can’t do without a special console or decoder which can be connected directly to the TV, in case the HDMI-interface is not available. As a result – with 99% probability you will not need to buy a new TV – everything will work on the old one. The only exceptions are completely obsolete models, which are left without half of the necessary connectors and are unable to process the signal. It’s easier to ask the consultants who deal with customer questions on the hotline.

on mts hotline

If the TV is quite new, but lacks some “smart” features like Smart TV, then it is not a problem – the add-on will help you open the interactive elements in any case. You will also be able to switch between menus with the remote control, look into additional sections, watch movies, and order content.

What features does it offer

The advantages of interactive television from “MTS” are plenty:

  1. The basic package is “bigger” and “more diverse” than competitors. Including due to the growing collection of channels broadcast in HD-quality. As an additional innovation – UHD programming. This is something not found even in the big-name competitors.
  2. Television equipment (TV set-top box or decoder) can be easily adapted to each subscriber and offers an extremely predictable interface that makes it easy to find and watch entertainment content.
  3. The operator allows you to pause, rewind, replay and move the broadcast to the archive to watch important but missed moments.
  4. Global “smart search” will help to navigate not by channels but by programs found in the TV program: just enter the title and the system will prompt which things can’t be missed.
  5. TV from MTS provides support for widgets. The TV screen displays the weather forecast with details by hours, and news bulletins, sorted by time and geographic location, and even traffic jams on the main streets of the city. If desired, the software developers allow for additional specifics – selecting a “home” region and defining what news topics are of interest at the current moment.
  6. A flexible “Parental Control” function, based on the age limit and opening the possibility to hide behind passwords the channels that should not be seen by children.
  7. Content “On demand” is an important component of the entertainment services from MTS. From a special catalog the operator allows you to choose, buy or rent a movie or series. Now it is impossible to miss an important broadcast!

Available options

At “MTS” interactive television is available in the format of “Satellite TV”, connected together with the Internet, and in the form of “Digital TV”, delivered, among other things, separately. The difference between these options is, first of all, the cost.


For “Satellite TV” you will need additional equipment with an antenna (the price – from 2990 rubles, but there are more expensive sets, for example, those that receive a quality signal). For “Digital” – a standard set-top box, issued by the operator, including for rent. Secondly, there is also a difference in content: satellite TV includes 207 channels, and in “digital” – 154.

What channels “MTS” provides

The basic set of digital TV includes 154 channels. The operator divided the whole set into categories: movies and TV series, talk shows, sports, business, science, music and entertainment. There are also the standard “federal” broadcasts, such as NTV, Match! As a bonus, 33 channels are broadcast in HD quality (1080p), and one more channel is broadcast in UHD. Every few months there may be updates of the broadcast grid, but the operator warns about them in advance on thematic services and in push-notifications in the personal cabinet.

How to connect

The operator offers to subscribe to the interactive TV from “MTS” by phone (8 (800)-250-08-90) and in the nearest office center marked on the map. As an alternative, you can make a request on the official website. Before processing, there is an option to check the possibility of connecting to a specific address.

The entered information is compared to the database, and then the result appears: it is possible to leave an application or it is necessary to consider other services from MTS, such as satellite TV. Regardless of the chosen way of connection, you will have to wait for technicians, make an agreement, choose a tariff and top up the account.

The cost of the service

The basic tariff from MTS, including 154 digital channels (33 in HD and 1 in UHD quality), will cost 290 rubles per month. You don’t need to pay to connect and configure the set-top box and TV. But there’s a rental fee for renting equipment, starting at 110 rubles per month.

If you wish, the operator allows you to buy a set-top box separately, for 2,900 rubles (a TV decoder is also available for televisions not equipped with an HDMI interface).

MTS allows you to diversify the basic set of thematic TV packages: channels with Hollywood blockbusters and documentaries, cooking shows and scientific experiments, sports broadcasts, and technology will cost from 99 rubles per month. Also available “adult content 18+” at a price of from 190 rubles per month.

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