Music authoring apps for Android: the top 30 best apps for writing tracks

Today, mobile devices in the form of smartphones have approached to personal computers in terms of functionality. Of course, the performance of handheld gadgets is strongly inferior, but this does not prevent smartphone owners to perform complex operations like mixing tracks. Today we propose to consider the best applications for creating music on the Android operating system, which can be found in Google Play Market.

Audio Evolution Mobile

This application was developed by eXtream Software Development, a studio that specializes in music software. In addition to Audio Evolution Mobile, the development team offers USB MIDI Monitor and Stage Assistant. They will also be useful for those who are planning to record their own songs.


As for Audio Evolution Mobile, it should be said right away that the application is offered in two versions. There is a free version of Audio Evolution Mobile TRIAL, as well as its paid counterpart for 799 rubles. The trial version differs in the limited project download and acceleration time. Also the free application closes after 20 minutes. Therefore, we propose to get acquainted with the features of the full version of Audio Evolution Mobile:

  • recording on multiple tracks;
  • virtual synthesizer;
  • instruments based on Soundfont samples;
  • real-time effects;
  • tempo change;
  • support for most audio formats;
  • audio normalization.

Not surprisingly, many users call Audio Evolution Mobile a full-fledged recording studio in the palm of their hand. The paid version of the application is rated 4.3 and has been installed more than 100,000 times.


BandLab .

Another track writing program, but this time free. Of course, BandLab has a built-in purchase feature, but you don’t have to pay money to download the app. The app has over 37 million users worldwide and is rated 4.2 in the Google Play store. The developers highlight the following points:

  • 15 thousand free samples;
  • 16-level mixer;
  • Nearly 350 MIDI instruments;
  • About 200 effects for instruments and vocals.

Obviously, BandLab is one of the best applications for aspiring musicians to learn the basics of mastering. In addition, it has its own community within the program, where different users share their tracks. So you can find a source of inspiration for writing new compositions.


Beat Snap

This app is also free, but users are not as euphonious about it. Beat Snap received an average score of 3.8 on the Play Market, and among the main complaints of those who downloaded it, insufficient mixing tools stood out. However, Beat Snap also has its merits:

  • 32 pads;
  • 35 instruments;
  • 2 grids;
  • 70 packs of style presets.

Beat Snap also boasts its own community. The number of downloads counts 500,000 devices, and that’s not a record.


Caustic 3.

Frankly speaking, it’s not the most convenient tool with which you can record your own track on your phone. There are far more appealing apps in terms of interface, but users are still positive about Caustic 3, giving it a 4.2 rating.

The extended version of the program, which sells for 300 rubles, is rated even higher. It received an average score of 4.8 in the Google Play Market, based on three thousand ratings. Many people even call Caustic 3 the best application for mixing tracks, noting the availability of fourteen different recording machines. So it’s worth considering as at least one of the possible recording applications.


Chordbot .

Like many other music applications, Chordbot is offered in a free version, as well as in a full modification for 259 rubles. The only difference in the trial version is the impossibility to save the resulting songs, so you should use it only as a trial. In the full version you will find:

  • 60 chords;
  • 400 dynamic instruments;
  • various effects;
  • MIDI and other formats support.

The reviews of the program are exceptionally positive. Those who have not spared 259 rubles for the full version, put 4.8 points out of five possible. And many note that Chordbot is suitable even for those who are very far from music.


Drum Pad Machine

The most popular drum machine for recording songs. Of course, we are talking about the virtual machine that you get after installing the application. By the way, the program is available for free download through Play Market, and it has already been installed more than 100 million times.

The average rating is also good – 4.4 points. But the program is pretty simple and will not suit the people who are planning to use it to record professional quality tracks. With Drum Pad Machine you can except to do beatboxing and create simple tracks based on the available presets.


Drum Pads 24

Another virtual drum machine for creating beats. Of course, at this point in the description it becomes clear that Drum Pads 24 will only suit fans of uncomplicated hip-hop, but the program has several advantages. Drum Pads 24 is free and has already had over 10 million downloads. And users have a very positive feedback on the application, noting the presence of soundpacks.


FL Studio Mobile

Fruity Loops is a music program known to users of personal computers. It appeared back in 1997, and for a long time it was the main software for beginner musicians. In 2011, owners of mobile devices also got the opportunity to install FL Studio.

Although the application is constantly updated, users are not very positive about it, considering the average score of 3.9. First, the program is paid and does not have a trial version, so you will have to pay 399 rubles right away. Secondly, those who have downloaded it note the weak optimization of the program, which works adequately only on powerful smartphones.


Groove Machine Mobile

In contrast to the previously reviewed programs, Groove Machine Mobile is not available in the Google Play Market. However, this will not stop those who want to try themselves as a beatmaker from installing the program.

“Groove Machine has a built-in synthesizer, ready to boast an extensive library of basses, leads, and pads. The app also features preset samples and virtual drums with percussion. Best of all, Groove Machine Mobile even works on very old Android 3.2 devices.


GrooveMixer .

Not a bad beatmaker app, offering users a number of interesting features:

  • A 256-track drum machine;
  • stereo channel mode;
  • rhythm preset function;
  • built-in drum kits;
  • saving and loading music in different formats.

The app is distributed free of charge through the Play Store, where anyone can click the download button on the GrooveMixer page. The app received a score of 4.1 based on more than 30,000 reviews, with the main complaint being its instability that causes periodic crashes.



An incredibly popular, but at the same time uncomplicated application, which is a virtual drum machine. It has already gathered more than a million and a half reviews, and the number of downloads is approaching the 100 million mark.

That said, Groovepad is highly rated by users. It received a score of 4.7, which is a pretty high score for a free program. Those who have downloaded it note the application’s ease of use, its colorful design, and the presence of enough features to realize your creative potential.


G-Stomper Studio DEMO

A demo version of the sound recording application from the development team. Limitations are the availability of a limited number of sampler tracks (12) and synthesizer tracks (5). Despite this, users gave G-Stomper Studio DEMO a high score of 4.6.

If the standard functionality of the demo version is not enough for you, you can buy the full version of the program for 1290 rubles. In addition, the product line has a lot of other mobile applications that can definitely be useful for aspiring musicians.


Hip-Hop Producer Pads.

A free application from the chebdev development team. The program is not very popular, as it has been installed through Play Market a little more than one million times. At the same time, those who have downloaded it speak well of the program, highlighting the advantages of a user-friendly interface and stability. The disadvantages, however, include the inability to record the voice.


Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder

This program is focused exclusively on recording vocals. Regardless of the quality of your smartphone microphone Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder turns the recording to a professional level. At least, that’s what the Audiophile development team says.

The application is available both in the paid version for 229 rubles, and in the free modification, which has already been installed more than a million times. At the same time, users do not feel a big difference in comparing the two modifications, noting only the presence of ads in the free version. So, you can at least try Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder as a voice recording application and then decide whether to pay for the extended program build.

As a side note. The extended version of Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder is available as a free download to Google Play Pass subscription holders.


MixPads .

A free drum machine with over one million downloads. The program does not have any particular advantages compared to other similar applications that perform the function of a beatmaker. Therefore, there is no point in dwelling on the features of MixPads for a long time. Let’s note only the possibility of overlaying music on the collected tracks and mixing drum loops.


Music Maker Jam

A free and therefore very popular program from the Loudly development studio, which is a mixer for creating beats. The application offers over two hundred samples of different music directions, as well as access to thousands of high quality loops. Users who have downloaded Music Maker Jam about 20 million times have given the application a score of 4.6, so there is no doubt that it will meet your expectations.



The paid program, which is distributed in the Play Market store for 259 rubles, is a professional software for creating instrumental parts. The interface is inferior even to its free counterparts, but nanoloop is highly valued by professionals, who call it a nearly ideal tool.


Ninja Jamm

Ninja Jamm is not the most beautifully designed app, either, but it is free. Not only is there a small amount of built-in advertising inside, but also four tracks for creating your own musical compositions at home.


n-Track Studio

Like many other similar programs, n-Track Studio is distributed in paid (999 rubles) and free versions. The differences lie in the reduced functionality of the demo version, where users have access to only eight tracks and no more than two effects. In addition, in the free app, it is not possible to save the resulting compositions. But don’t rush to buy a license for n-Track Studio, because downloaders have noted the poor optimization of the software, which the developers have been promising to fix for several months.


RD4 Groovebox.

This application is also offered as a free demo version without the possibility of saving and a full variation for 379 rubles, where users become available 4-channel mixer, various effects and the function of saving the resulting tracks. However, even the extended version of RD4 Groovebox cannot be called the best music program.


Recording Studio Lite

A demo version of Recording Studio Pro Plus which offers only two tracks for recording. It only allows you to evaluate the basic features of the application and its interface. So if you’re planning to create tracks on a professional level, it’s better to install the version with the prefix “Pro Plus”, and pay attention to the more attractive competitors we told you about earlier.


Remixlive .

A simple virtual drum machine that allows you to create tracks from preset loops and melodies. Distributed for free, but at the same time has not the highest rating among similar programs – 4.1 points. At the same time, Remixlive cannot be called super-popular either.


Robotic Guitarist

Robotic Guitarist is a free program, which is an electric guitar emulator. Frankly speaking, this is a niche application, which is just worth trying as one of the tools for creating tracks. Robotic Guitarist is not a full-fledged recording application.



I can’t download it from Play Market, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on SPC. SPC is an advanced program with extensive functionality and the ability to record tracks consisting of sixteen tracks. Not even all of the paid counterparts can offer such a variation.


SunVox .

Paid application from the developer Alexander Zolotov, which costs 449 rubles. The program offers a fully russified interface, support for a variety of samples and audio file formats, as well as multiplatform. That is, you can start composing a song on your smartphone, and continue – on your computer. Users praised SunVox with an average score of 4.7.


Supreme MPA

Pocket Loop Machine, offered in paid and free versions. To be honest, Supreme MPA is not worth the claimed 199 rubles. It’s quite a glitchy program, which is recommended to evaluate only in the trial version in order to understand that even the free competitors have gone far ahead of it.


SynprezFM 2.

A free virtual synthesizer that can be a great help for creating instrumental parts in synthetic music genres. There is the ability to make tracks based on 16 tracks, which is a very good value. There are also no problems with saving the resulting parts.


Tunable .

Paid application, offered for 249 rubles in the Play Market. Only Google Play Pass subscription holders can use it for free, gaining access to a huge number of features, including:

  • tone and chord generator;
  • tempo change;
  • built-in metronome;
  • 18 music presets.

Tunable, although not the best music program, is still worthy of your attention. Users who have installed this application note its professional features and pleasant interface, and of the disadvantages highlight the weak tuner in comparison with competitors.


uFXloops Music Studio

A full-fledged recording studio, which is distributed for free through Play Market. Its main features include high sound quality, several hundred instruments, and several thousand possible sound combinations. At the same time, you will have to put up with an English-language interface that has nothing to do with intuitiveness.


Walk Band

Finally, as a sound recording program, we have to recommend Walk Band. The application is available for free download on Play Market, and its features have already been used by tens of millions of people.

The app offers a full set of instruments, including keys, guitars, drums, and a drum machine. You can also take advantage of multi-channel sound recording, but note that some features are only available after a paid subscription.

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