My words, your body. It chooses what kind of tattoo you get

Finding the right phrase for a tattoo sometimes takes months or even years. After all, those few words can accompany us for the rest of our lives! However, as it turns out, not everyone worries about it so much and is ready to completely entrust this issue. to a tattoo artist.

“My words, your body” – that’s the name of a project by Monty Richthofen, also known as Maison Hefner. It involves clients who decide to get a tattoo at his studio allowing him to tattoo any phrase from the five thousand he has written down so far in his five notebooks.

Some are motivational, some are protesting, some are searching for the meaning of existence – the client has absolutely nothing to say about the phrase Monty chooses for him. The only clue to the topic is a short conversation with the client. The client, who learns about the message of his new “tattoo” only just before leaving the salon.

Monty checks a few things before he begins: whether his client is sober and fully aware of his decision. During the interview, he also makes sure that he is not distracted by unnecessary things, such as phone calls or social media notifications. He does not sign any documents because he considers it an unnecessary formality. No one has yet complained about his work.

Why does “Maison Hefner” not fulfill the requests of his clients? For him, the answer is simple: Because he finds traditional tattooing boring.

“It annoys me that the process always looks the same. People come in with some idea of their own or pick a random design from a catalog. Then they apply it to their skin and say goodbye, without making any kind of acquaintance.” – explains the artist.

“I want my clients, when they come to me, to get a mark that symbolizes a certain stage in their life that will be able to help them in the future. Some people think I tattoo penises or some other nonsense, but I have friends who can do it. I would never do that to someone who gives me their time and reveals very intimate things about themselves,” – he assures.

Other tattoo artists don’t consider Monty an artist, but he doesn’t care. He simply wants to show the world that tattooing can be more than just a service. So far, he has tattooed several hundred people in less than a year and a half. In the future, he wants to bring the process to perfection – before getting a tattoo, he plans to spend a whole day with a client.

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