Mystery Stories – Mountains of Madness for android. Wonderful world of mysteries

imgWho doesn’t love to wander through beautiful worlds, completing complex tasks? The captivating world of the quest. Mystery Stories for android – Just a godsend for all romantic and dreamy gamers. What mysteries are hidden beneath the huge, inviting snow drifts and boundless expanses of ice? Find the missing scientist in this realm of cold.

Doing so will require solving complex puzzles, collecting puzzles, and discovering objects of significance to your quest – in short, you won’t be bored during your expedition. The game will amaze you with an unexpected plot twist, when you discover what lies behind this mysterious disappearance.

You are alone with an ancient city full of mysteries that have been frozen into blocks of ice for a long time… Beautiful graphics, fascinating gameplay, an exciting story, and high marks from discerning players – what else do you need from a good quest?

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