Nokia has announced the launch of the new N-Gage QD mobile game console, the newest member of the N-Gage family.


The N-Gage QD console is a compact device featuring an MMC card slot for quick game swapping without having to power down the device, an extended battery life, improved game controls, a brighter screen, rich and advanced phone features and the new N-Gage Arena Launcher.

Gamers will be able to enjoy all their favorite N-Gage games, connect with other gamers around the world via mobile networks via N-Gage Arena, and participate in games with other players nearby via Bluetooth wireless technology.

Prices for the console are expected to range from €99 (US$99) for a carrier contract to €199 (US$199) for a retail price excluding carrier subsidies and tax. The N-Gage QD is expected to be available in Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific in May 2004 and in the Americas in June 2004.

The N-Gage QD console will be available in two versions: a GSM 900/1800 variant (Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific) and a GSM 850/1900 variant (Americas).

“The N-Gage platform has been on the market for six months. Driven by the positive market response, we decided to expand our mobile game console offering,” – says Ilkka Raiskinen, vice president of Nokia’s gaming division. “With an improved, more ergonomic device, gamers can now start a game with the press of a button and benefit from increased key responsiveness. We also introduced the ability to hot swap MMC cards and extended battery life. We have relocated the speaker and microphone for ease of making ordinary phone calls.”

The N-Gage QD console allows users to enjoy existing N-Gage games as well as soon-to-be-released great N-Gage games such as “Ashen,” “Pathway to Glory” and “Pocket Kingdom: Own The World,” and popular superhits such as “The Sims: Bustin’ Out,” “Crash Nitro Kart” and “Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 2004.”

The new N-Gage Arena Launcher software makes accessing the N-Gage Arena even easier than before. The N-Gage Arena-enabled application that comes standard on N-Gage QD consoles allows gamers full access to the N-Gage Arena community, directly from their devices. Once installed, the N-Gage Arena Launcher application can be accessed via an icon from the device’s main menu, similar to other N-Gage programs. Using the application that supports N-Gage Arena over a GPRS connection, N-Gage Arena members can communicate with each other, download interesting content, access statistics, participate in parties and events, and explore other opportunities. Existing N-Gage users will be able to load the N-Gage Arena Launcher application from www.n-gage.com as early as May 2004.

The N-Gage QD console also includes advanced cell phone features such as applications for organizing personal information, an XHTML browser, and e-mail support. It also offers the ability to load and install additional Series 60 applications.

The N-Gage QD console will be unveiled at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), taking place in Los Angeles, California from May 12 to 14, 2004. The N-Gage booth (South Hall, 1524) will also feature the latest attractive N-Gage superhits and games.


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