Nekobot Discord: description and commands, functionality and setup, how to install

In order to simplify the work with the messenger Discord, users can use additional robotic assistants. Nekobot of the Discord program is a discord bot with a certain set of functions, which can be installed by any participant. Beforehand, it is worth reading the description of the software, the set of commands and options, instructions for setting up and use.

Description of Nekobot

Discord utility is designed to ensure proper player interaction, experience sharing, communication during raids.



  • Configures automatic moderation of current and new members;
  • allows you to create animated images and send them to other players;
  • in some features is similar to the utility Discord Nitro.

Attention! Robotic assistant Nekobot is a separate service for working with text messages. In addition to directly inserting and sending stickers, pictures, smiles, you can create individual sites and construct new items.


Commands and functionality

The selected bot provides users with the following features (description and commands):

  • emoji can be inserted into messages without activating an additional subscription Discord Nitro, command “emote”;
  • use of standard stickerpacks, which are transferred from the Telegram service (description and instructions through the insertion of “help”);
  • responding to some texts with the insertion of individual quotes (works through the function in the settings “View Audit Log”);
  • at the stage of downloading, installing and configuring you can enable the option to edit existing emoji.

To make full use of the robotic assistant’s functionality, you need to familiarize yourself with the list of commands and test each one. Some requests:

  • !audit #channel – return messages to the channel if they have been activated in repost;
  • !audit guild – work with read messages;
  • !audit @member – returns texts to the specified participant.

The user can start with an empty chat to learn the helper’s capabilities and practice the action of the selected commands.


How to install and configure

To add bot functionality to your server, perform several consecutive steps:

  • go to the main page of the bot at the link;
  • the site is in English, but you can enable the automatic translation of the resource in your browser;
  • click on the button “Add Nqn” (in Russian it will be “Add”);
  • the application will transfer to the site, where it will be necessary to enter the login and password from your account of the Discord program (another option is to use the QR-code, presented on the page, it should be scanned with a cell phone);
  • in the list of used servers choose the channel for which the robotic assistant will be used.


After that the activation will be done, but additional setup is needed. Features to pay attention to:

  • change the permissions given to the bot to send messages (in the user settings);
  • set the options for interacting with channels (e.g., set a ban);
  • Neko bot can be removed from the user panel: find the blue check mark, right-click (for an additional context menu to appear), select “Kick NQN”.

In addition, you need to configure the server itself for the updated assistant. Check the user names, designated roles, granted rights.


Robotic software Neko works with text messages, allowing you to create updated animated pictures, transfer stickers Telegram app, create your own stickerpacks.

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