New from HTC – HTC Rhyme


The popular company from Taiwan, which creates high-quality smartphones, mainly on the operating system Android has released a novelty. The company called the novelty Rhyme .. The phone turned out to be a thin 3.7-inch, has an operating system Android. The device will soon be available for purchase from Verizon, the U.S. mobile operator. On September 29 the sales will begin. HTC Rhyme..

This novelty is considered by many to be a stylish line of smartphones. The smartphone has a youthful style, which is clearly noticed by today’s youth. The smartphone is available in three colors: plum, light blue, beige. The phone can be considered feminine, because it is available in plum color, and plum color is feminine, so for ladies, especially young phone by the way.When you buy a new product, there is a huge set: Bluetooth headset, docking station, headphones, arm mount, speakers. Thanks to the mount, the device from NTS, you can take for a walk, jogging, and even in other places. Just in the kit is present Charm, thanks to which you can know when you call or a new message comes: there is a blinking – a new message or incoming call. This flashing only works when the headphones are plugged in. A journalist one blog about gadgets writes that the smartphone also comes with a memory card (microSD) for 8 gigabytes. To remove the memory card or change it, you need to remove the back cover, where the battery is. In terms of parameters, HTC Desire S is a twin brother with the new HTC Rhyme.The smartphone has a built-in processor Qualcomm MSM8x55 series, the frequency of which is 1 Gigahertz. The RAM of the smartphone is 768 MB. The amount of free memory is 4 GB.VGA-resolution has a camera on the front side, which is usually called the front. The phone also has a 5 megapixel main camera. The phone body is made of metal, technology Unibody. It is unlikely this phone will crack when dropped, probably only scratched. HTC Rhyme is the first phone with the updated version of the firmware – HTC Sense 3.5.

In America, when buying a smartphone and agreeing that the user will use the mobile operator Verizon Wirelesss two years, the price will be about $ 200. In Western Eurasia, the device will be available by October. As well as in the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa, the device will be on sale at the same time.


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