New schemes of swindlers. Now with digital TV

How many times we talked about the new fraud schemes. This time it’s turned to digital television. Almost 3 years ago the transition to the new broadcasting systems began. Of course, the heirs of Ostap Bender immediately took note of the news. In order not to get caught in the bait of swindlers, you should carefully study the information below.

1. Immediately conclude a contract!

The calculation is made on the ignorance of citizens, their ignorance of the terms of service. In addition, everything looks so true. Alexei Volin, the former Deputy Minister of Communications, warned about this. According to him, in a number of regions the fraudsters introduced themselves as commissioners for work with population.


And they offered to sign a contract as quickly as possible. Otherwise, after the transition to digital, the television will simply stop receiving the signal. And many gullible Russians fell for this trick. And in the Ryazan region an entire organized criminal group was detained, which was engaged in such scams.


2. 2. Digital Broadcasting Will Need a Set-Top Box

Here is a surprising mix of truth and fiction. The truth is that devices produced before 2013 are technically not capable of receiving a digital signal. They require a special set-top box. It was sold perfectly legally. And for reasonable money.

Swindlers created a scam scheme: they offered set-top boxes for 10 and even 15 thousand. They even hurried: saying that the quantity was limited and that the later ones would cost even more. All of this is a blatant lie. In addition, in some regions the authorities decided to retain broadcasting in both the “old” and “new” formats.


3. Get Compensation

Indeed, federal authorities have provided for the appointment and payment of special monetary compensation for those groups of citizens who are not able to buy a set-top box on their own. The list was compiled in advance and includes low-income people, people with disabilities, families with many children, veterans, orphans, and similar categories of Russians.

What do our modern “benders” do? They know very well who is entitled to compensation. Next, they contact citizens (somehow finding their phone numbers and addresses), and then turn on the full power of their hoax program. The victim is offered to receive the payout as quickly as possible (acceleration of the process is an important point in all scams).


The client is, they say, ripe. Because ahead looms the prospect of the inevitable purchase of a set-top box for digital television. And there is no money for it. You can still put a little fog: to tell you that the money in the budget is not enough. So tell me the magic numbers on your bank card as soon as possible.

And the credulous grandmother or mother of many children, not having any doubt that she is communicating with a representative of an official structure, reports everything that is required of her. The card number, expiration date, holder’s data, and its secret CVV-code. The latter is needed for the transfer.

Thus, instead of transferring 1 thousand rubles, the hapless client receives a charge-off of all money on the card.

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