New smartwatch from Huawei: sports, entertainment and phone in one

HarmonyOS operating system, health and activity monitoring function and eSIM voice calls – these are just a fraction of the advantages that flagship smartwatches from the Huawei Watch 3 series boast. From June 17 to July 8, their pre-sale is underway. Why is it worth paying attention to the novelties of the brand?

For years, devices worn on the wrist are not only used to check the time. Using a smartwatch we can read the notifications on the phone, record our sports activities or listen to music. Subsequent models offer users more and more useful functions. This is also the case with the latest Huawei Watch 3, available in the pre-order offer, which you can already get acquainted with on the official website 24-hour pulse monitoring, temperature measurement or fall detection – check out what else smartwatches from the series offer.

New system, new capabilities

There is no doubt that the latest Watch 3 series smartwatches are premium watches. Covered with high quality glass, they are additionally equipped with a nano-coating that makes the display resistant to scratches and fingerprints. The dial is made of aerospace grade titanium alloy combined with sapphire crystals, which guarantees high quality and durability. Comfortable and precise control of menu options is possible thanks to the movable crown.

Until now, Huawei smartwatches have worked on simplified software. The new generation brought with it quite a few changes. HarmonyOS is a chance for users to take advantage of the new interface design (menu based on a chessboard theme), as well as the creation of interactive dials (e.g. time-lapse videos). It is worth noting an additional convenience: the new software allows you to install additional applications already from the smartwatch, using the AppGallery application store. And this opens up the possibility of creating widgets, giving you the ability to control smartphone applications, from within the watch.

Communication taken to a new level

The Watch 3 series smartwatches are equipped with eSIM capability, and thus LTE connectivity. This means that the user can make and receive calls, as well as stream music (to connected wireless headphones). Also worth mentioning is the practical ability to track cab information or flight status – all on the watch face, without taking the smartphone out of the pocket.

An important feature is the SOS mode, which allows you to automatically call emergency numbers in case of emergency. And this, combined with the ability to detect falls, significantly increases the level of safety on a daily basis. In this context, it is also worth mentioning the battery life. After all, the manufacturer ensures that it can work (Huawei Watch 3 Pro) up to 3 weeks on a single charge in ultra mode, 7 days in LTE mode and 5 days in smart mode (when using the eSIM function).

Health and physical activity: a new dimension

The fact that smartwatches help with sports is something most of us are used to, but Huawei brings this convenience to a new level. The Watch 3 series supports up to 100 sports modes, including 19 professional sports and 12 outdoor activities, among others. Recording parameters such as calories burned, heart rate, and pre-made workout programs available in memory will come in handy for both athletes and those working on losing a few pounds.

Huawei Watch 3 and Watch 3 Pro also allow you to constantly monitor your health. The smartwatch measures the temperature of the skin on the wrist, which makes it easy to catch the first symptoms of infection. The bottom of the envelope made of ceramic material and TruSeen™ 4.5 technology allow for precise measurement of pulse and blood oxygenation SpO2. In addition, it is also possible to collect data on stress levels or sleep quality.

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