Nightbot Discord: description of the bot and features, where to download and how to disable

Discord users can create servers to communicate and share experiences between players. In order to use the service to allow more operations, administrators add robotic assistants to the channel. Discord messenger bot Nightbot works with chats (messages, players and other). Before you install the software on the channel, you should read the description, commands, requirements and instructions.

Nighbot for Discord description

The name of the utility literally translates from English as “Night Bot”. The service is multifunctional, the options are divided into two blocks – for administrators and ordinary users.


Other features:

  • originally worked for YouTube and Twitch platforms, then there was an option to integrate the bot into Discord;
  • Created by a user with the nickname Danteh#0777;
  • used prefix for commands n!
  • attached tags – Moderation, Fun, Mem.

Warning. It is recommended to read the requirements and instructions in advance. In addition, you should test the presented commands on an empty chat, so that their use is not difficult in the future.


Where you download

You can install the bot on the selected server by clicking on the link The page is in English, the user can use an automatic translator in your browser. Further actions:

  • click on the button “Add NightBot”;
  • This will take you to the site and bring you to your Discord account;
  • enter username and password;
  • choose a server on which additional functionality will be installed.

The instructions are straightforward, suitable for novice users – moreover, they’re standard for every bot designed to interact with Discord.


Bot Features

The purpose of each robotic assistant is to simplify the work of administrators and users. KnightBot’s capabilities:

  • Controlling correspondence in conversations and chats;
  • creation of a blacklist of words and expressions forbidden to use;
  • creation of template messages sent in response to standard requests;
  • creation and launching of questionnaires, available to the participants of the server;
  • music – playback, playlist creation, and other options.

You can learn more about the functionality of the robot software if you open the help sheet – run the command “help”.


How to configure and disable the bot

After installing NightBot you need to perform some settings. Peculiarities of working with this utility:

  • configuration through a separate program interface (unlike most other bots);
  • utility commands are divided into several thematic sections, so it won’t be hard to navigate;
  • creation of additional commands is not required – the functionality used is sufficient;
  • The user has to write a request, the necessary action is prescribed automatically.

Attention: The peculiarity of the software is the distribution of roles. This setting is available only after the existing users will be prescribed and formalized.


To delete the service, you need to go to the Member Management section, right-click on the name of the utility. In the list that appears, click on the “kick out” line. You can return the bot at any time – if necessary.

A robot software is a set of specific commands which can be used by the administrator or user to automate the processing of the same kind of processes. Bot Knightbot provides work with chats, music, forms a list of forbidden for use words and expressions. To embed the utility in the server, you need to have a Discord account, join the conversation.

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