Nika bot Discord: description and commands, setup, where to download and how to install

The servers in Discord are crowded with troublemakers, spammers and scammers who publish forbidden materials or provocative messages. And if the channel is just growing and there are hardly 100 users, there is little to worry about – a couple of moderators will be able to keep an eye on the order. But when the audience becomes larger and the reach wider, you can’t do without help. Nika bot for Discord – here is a sure way to fight those who disturb the order!

Description Nika bot

The Nika bot for Discord was originally developed as a filter for spam messages added to public chats by users promoting personal channels, social networks or communities in messengers. But a little later, the developers changed the structure of Nika, and added additional functionality focused mainly around manual moderation of the server. With a whole collection of commands Nika issues warnings to users, allows you to block messages, add offenders to the blacklist.


Nika is suitable for chats where communication is in English, and in Russian as well. Special stop-word filters are used to automatically block text. And some users get warnings even before they interact with the chat – that’s because of the international black list, which stores statistics on many Discord owners.



Bot developers offer to interact with Nika with the help of commands, added to the chat and activated by the “Enter” key:

  • n.clear [number of messages] – command for server administrators. Allows you to clear the content of the chat on the number of messages specified in square brackets [];
  • n.changemode [mode] – change the severity level of server security. The command is only available to administrators. If you do not have rights, you can not change the mode;
  • n.changelang [ru or en] – select server language between Russian or English;
  • n.warns – displays the number of warnings received from moderators for messages that violate the rules;
  • (@tag) [reason] – the command designed to send administrators a message about the offender on the server. The nickname is entered in parentheses after the @ symbol;
  • – detailed information about the server: text description, topic, number of users, administration staff;
  • n.invite – command to add bots into chat.


Protection mode

Nika bot assumes a basic setting using the changemode command, allowing you to choose the “severity” of the automatic filtering of replicas from users. The basic option – “Low” – is designed to move the offender to the CH. The “Medium” mode completely blocks access to the server after 3 transgressions. If you choose the “Berserker” option, information about the user is transferred to a common database, which can cause problems with using Discord in general.


Where to download and how to install

Berserker is added to the channel in an extremely predictable mode. You will only need to go to Intermediary sitewhere Nick is available. Then, on the right side of the interface, click on the button “Invite”.


Authorization is required: after filling in the confidential information in the text fields you will have a chance to proceed to enter commands, configure the mode and test the performance of artificial intelligence and text filtering. If there are any problems, the steps described above are recommended to repeat again.

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