No Telegram notifications: why it happens and how to turn it on

Telegram allows people to exchange information quickly. To allow the respondent to read the message as soon as possible, push notifications are provided. They are accompanied by an animation at the top of the screen and a sound signal. But sometimes users complain about the fact that they do not receive notifications in the Telegram app. There may be several reasons for this, but often the problem is solved by pressing a couple of buttons.

Causes of no notifications

If the user cannot independently determine what caused the notifications in Telegram to stop coming to the phone, first of all, you need to consider the most common causes.


“Quiet chat.”

Telegram has a bunch of options that allow a person to optimize the application. But not always such features have a positive effect on the main features of Telegram.

Such a useful feature as “Silent Chat” allows the user not to disturb others, because in this case incoming messages in the messenger are not accompanied by a sound signal and animation. Therefore, you should initially check whether this mode is not involved in the malfunction.


To check the activation of the “Quiet chat” will require:

  • Open Telegram.


  • Go to the chat from which you do not receive alerts.


  • Click the ellipsis icon.
  • Open the “Disable notifications” option.


If this item is set to “On,” notifications have been forcibly disabled. To reactivate them, just set the value to “Off”.

Failure in the application system

This reason is quite rare, but sometimes it also makes itself felt. Even such an elaborate messenger as Telegram is not immune to periodic failures. It is possible that an error in the operation of the program has caused the user not to receive Pushy.


You just have to wait or try to reinstall the program. As practice shows, after restarting the alerts start working again and are no longer disabled.

Settings failure

Failure can occur not only in the universal work of the application, but also in the settings of a particular account. Therefore, it is important to check if the settings responsible for push notifications are set correctly.


Act according to the following instructions:

  • Start Telegram.


  • Go to the account settings.


  • Open the “Notifications and sound” tab.


  • Set it to “On” in front of “Show notifications”.


Then close and reopen the application. After this simple manipulation, the notifications should work. Of course, this applies only to those cases where sound alerts were deactivated in the program settings.

Other reasons

Another failure concerns not the application, but the phone itself. In the settings of the device, the user can set a restriction on the work of certain programs in the background mode. Because of this, the gadget stops receiving pushes even from messengers.

To fix the failure, you need to:

  • Open the phone settings.
  • Go to “Applications”.


  • In the list, select Telegram.


  • Under “Activity Control”, set the value to “No restrictions”.


Important. Depending on the smartphone model, menu item names are disabled.

After changing the settings, it is recommended to restart the device, and then wait for the first message. If it is not accompanied by a notification, you need to consider another reason for the problem.

How to enable notifications in Telegram

The functionality of the messenger allows the owner of the device to enable and disable alerts from the application independently. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to perform a re-activation.


On the phone

Depending on which operating system your smartphone is based on, the algorithm of actions differs. It is recommended to consider the instructions relevant to the specific OS.


On Android, turning on notifications is as follows:

  • Open Telegram.


  • Go to the settings tab.


  • In the “Notifications and sounds” section, activate the toggle switch with notifications.


Forced activation and deactivation of the toggle switch can solve the problem in most cases. And if that doesn’t help, you need to check the settings of the individual dialogs as discussed in a previous point.


Apple iPhone smartphones are based on a different operating system, which modifies the appearance of the application. But, in general, the activation of alerts is done in a similar way.


First you need to launch the program and go to the settings section. Here there should be an item “Sounds”, where the toggle switch that activates the pushers is hidden. Similarly, the function is activated for individual chats.

On a computer

Personal computer users will need to activate push notifications in Telegram:

  • Start Telegram.


  • Click the button in the form of three bars.


  • Go to settings by clicking on the gear logo.


  • In the “Notifications” section, check the boxes for sounds and notifications.


In some versions of Telegram, the interface is in English. In a similar situation, the settings open the same way, and the poos are hidden in the “Notification” item.


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