Octave bot Discord: description, configuration and commands, how to add it

The bot developed for Discord called Octave is a real jukebox. Moreover, it is equipped with convenient commands to control it. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, using the bot is easy and convenient. In addition to the purely musical component, the assistant contains a set of tools for moderation, entertainment. Even mini-games are built into the shell of the bot. It remains to add Octave to your server, configure the bot.

Octave-bot description

Octave is designed to create a music background on the server. This is clear from its name – “octave”. It’s much more convenient to delegate the search and content gathering to a virtual assistant than to do it personally. The main advantage of the bot is that it is extremely easy to use.


Both regular visitors to the site and avid music lovers will be satisfied. Octave independently connects to servers, online storages with audio files – YouTube, SoundCloud and similar. In addition, the bot doesn’t sleep, doesn’t make typical human mistakes, and is always businesslike and collected. The administrator can set up Octave according to his own needs. This also does not require any special skills or experience. Produced literally in a couple of minutes.

Octave-bot is one of the ten most popular music bots on the site Discord. Distinguished by the ease of use, adapted set of commands.


Bots setup and commands

In order for Octave-bot to serve the cause, it needs to be configured. The developers have provided several typical commands, grouped by purpose. They are divided into the following by type:

  1. General.
  2. Music (Music).
  3. Fun.
  4. Media.
  5. Settings.

Each section of the bot contains many relevant specialized commands. For example, in General are: “Help”, “Guide”, “Invite”, “Info” (general information about the bot). In “Music” the user will find sets of specifications for controlling the music content: “Play”, “Pause”, “Stop”, “Skip”, “Shuffle” – the purpose is clear even without translation.


Entertainment commands are designed to communicate with users, creating a relaxed atmosphere on the site. “Ascii” translates a given word into a special numeric encoding, “Coinflip” is a “Heads or Tails” minigame. To build phrases like Master Yoda from “Star Wars,” the “Yodatalk” filter is used.

Media commands control the process of downloading various manga, emoji, and anime. And in “Settings” are collected actions for moderation, changing (resetting) music settings, assigning roles to users, deleting messages. Manage the bot is simple. Everyone who adds Octave to their server can see it.


How to add a bot to your server?

The main condition for this procedure is to be consistent in your own actions. Everything that has been started, must be completed. And after this step, you can move on to the next steps. The presence of a valid account in Discord is a prerequisite for the installation of all the bots. It can be found at the link https://top.gg/bot/octave.


The Octave bot can be run from a desktop PC, as well as from devices running Android, phone or tablet. The procedure is standard and should not cause any difficulties. You need to log into your own Discord account, then specify the server and click the join button.


This procedure, as a rule, goes automatically, without errors and failures. If something went wrong, you should try to do the required steps again. Or contact Octave support for help.

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